Ode To the Reserve Study-HOA Advice

Written by Posted On Monday, 19 January 2015 08:15

Ode To The HOA Reserve Study

From One Board Member To Another



Here’s a clue,

Did you hear?

Today’s the day our Reserve Study’s due.

The roof, the pool, front gate and wiring

It’s been a year since we were hiring

We need those facts.

We’ve got some issues.

Surprise repairs?  Hand me some tissues.


Homeowners pay their fees on time

And count on us to save a dime. 

Make the call and get in motion,

The facts and figures will give a notion

Of how things are and the shape we’re in

Of what we’ll fix and how we’ll spend


Let’s put away just enough

But not too much to make it tough

We need that study and need it now

The budget’s due.  Clue number two.

Call the experts.  Call them now!

No time to ponder, they’re just o’re yonder.


If we don’t get ourselves in gear,

This HOA will shed a tear

“Special Assessment” says the man,

All because there is no plan.


Ring a ding- ding, the appointment’s set!

No need to worry, no need to fret.

It’s all quite smart, and the thing to do

We’ve ordered our study

Have you?













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