Granny Flats- The Perfect Lifestyle and Investment Opportunity

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Your grown child is about to start college. But because of certain factors, they are not going to be living away from home. No, instead, they want to continue to live with mom and dad to save money and make things more convenient. Maybe they don't have a long commute and see little value in living away from home until they finish school. Whatever the reason, there is an option that allows for more freedom for your child, and more sanity for you- a property in the form of a Granny Flat. With this option, your child still lives "at home," but has privacy and independence, so it feels like they are living on their own. And for parents who wish their children would live at home forever (are you crazy?), this option buys them at least a little time before their grown children spread their wings and fly away from the nest

So what type of Granny Flat should you build for your "home away from home" college student? You could choose a small 1 bedroom design that is resembles a college dwelling or studio apartment. Or, you could choose a larger design that would make a great rental property once your child does move out for good. The 2 bedroom granny flat designs from Granny Flat Solutions offer nice options for future rental properties. Some of these options include:

 Exterior facades-

  •  Brick
  • Acrylic

  • Weathertex

  • Cladding

 Additional options-

  • Single and split level designs
  • Laminate flooring, tile, bamboo flooring or carpet options

  • Designs with a garage

  • Upgraded kitchen and bath options

  • Blinds

  • Tiled porch or outdoor deck

 ...and much more!




 So a great bang for your buck would be to choose a 2 bedroom Granny Flat design that you can rent out once your child moves out. Another option would be to rent out the second bedroom while your college student is still living there. You may or may not choose to charge your child rent while they are living in your Granny Flat, so that little extra income can't hurt.

 If you choose to build a Granny Flat that will someday become a rental property, you do want to consider your possible renters. Your child can make do with a lack of some features, or additional features that are unnecessary. But you need to keep in mind what a small family or other tenant might need in their space. For example, would a split level design be more likely to get rented than a single level? Would bamboo flooring be more appealing than carpet? Should you choose upgraded kitchen and bathroom features? Even though a Granny Flat is technically a separate space from your main home, your child will still have access to things like a laundry room and full kitchen, since you have those things in your home. However, future tenants will not have such access, so when planning your Granny Flat 2 bedroom design, keep the future in mind, while also doing your best to keep your child happy . View more details .

 1. Building a 2 Bedroom Granny Flat for Your College Student and Beyond

 2. Creating a Sustainable 2 Bedroom Granny Flat for Your Grown Child










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