How to Properly Clean Your Rented Property to Make Sure You Get Your Full Deposit Back

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In order to get your security deposit back from your landlord, you have to ensure that your rental space is left in pristine condition. This means cleaning up the space in the best possible way. While you could go room by room and clean every corner and fix any damage done to the property, you also have the option to hire professionals who specialise in end of tenancy cleaning service in London and throughout the United Kingdom that will do the dirty work for you.

When to Hire a Professional Service

Cleaning the rental space yourself is the cheaper option, but if you want to all but guarantee that you get your security deposit back you may want to let a professional cleaning service handle the final cleaning. They have the necessary tools and the industry knowledge to get tough stains off of surfaces and understand what it may take to get certain specialty fabrics or structures clean. You’ll hopefully be able to have your personal belongings moved into your new living space by the time you have cleaners come into your rental space, but if you don’t be sure to have your boxes stacked in the middle of the rooms so the cleaners have space to work and clean all corners of the rooms. Once the cleaners arrive you should show them around and point out any areas that you want them to pay special attention to. Once they’re ready to begin you should either leave the property to them or make an effort to stay out of their way. These cleaners know what to do as they’ve done these jobs before and understand what it entails.

When the job is done you should inspect your home, especially the spots you were concerned about, to see that everything was done to your liking. If you’re satisfied with the service, remember to tip the staff properly. If you’ve decided to not go this route and you’d rather take on the task of cleaning the rental space yourself, you’ll have to carefully go room by room and clean each one to perfection.

The Kitchen

When tackling the kitchen, start by making sure that all of the cabinets and drawers are empty. Also empty out the refrigerator, freezer, oven, pantry, and other storage areas. After you inspect everything to make sure they’re empty move on to cleaning the exterior of the cabinets and appliances. Use a disinfectant on the countertops, too. Next, clean and polish the sink and its fixtures. Pay attention to your appliances at this point. Scrub the interior and exterior of your refrigerator, freezer, microwave (if it’s not yours), oven, and dishwasher. Remove all shelves in the units to ensure that you don’t miss any dirt. Steel wool will come in handy in this instance, especially for the oven. You should also clean your exhaust fan if it’s accessible.

Finally, move all of the appliances out from the wall and sweep and vacuum behind them to gather dust, crumbs, and any other accumulated debris. Finish up the kitchen by mopping the floor.

The Bathroom

Start by cleaning out the drawers, vanity, medicine cabinet, and any other storage spaces in the bathroom. Hair has a tendency to accumulate in a bathroom so you may have to vacuum out these areas, too. Next, clean the countertops, mirrors, and exteriors of cabinets with a disinfectant. You should also vacuum the surface of the exhaust fan or clean the blades of a ceiling fan if present.

You’ll next want to clean the soap scum off of the tiles and bathtub or shower stall. Bleach the grout, too. Move on to the toilet and sink. Landlords are known for checking the toilets to see if they’re clean, so don’t skip this step. If the toilet seat has seen better days, replace it. Finally, sweep and mop the floor.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Common Areas

In all of the left over rooms be sure to remove nails or screws in the wall that you may have used to hang pictures or decorative accents. Once you remove them, putty the holes smoothly. You should also dust all of the ceiling fans and ceiling fixtures as they have a tendency to attract cobwebs. Windows and window ledges should also be cleaned along with doors, doorknobs, baseboards, mouldings, and walls. Outlets and light switches should also be cleaned. You should also clean any window blinds or replace broken ones. Finish up each room by vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping corner to corner. Remember to clean the inside of closets, cubbyholes, and crawlspaces, too.

At this point you should do a complete walkthrough of your own to ensure that the home is as clean as possible.  Take pictures as proof of how you’ve left the space so you can fight for your deposit if necessary and read through your lease/rental agreement to check for any overlooked stipulations.

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