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Most people think that cleaning the house is everything they have to do but it is not so, tidying is also important because if a house is clean and messy it doesn't look good and vice versa. Moreover if your home is tidy cleaning will be much faster and you'll be able to find everything without any efforts. Therefore I want to give you some valuable tips on how to easily organize most of your rooms so they look like taken from the cover of a magazine.


Decide Where Things Belong


Some people can't understand the concept of organization and make their lives harder instead of easier. For example there is no point in putting the paper for the printer in the living-room when your home office is upstairs. Place everything you constantly use in the room you use it in, the magazines should be in the living-room near the coffee table, the accessories should be near the wardrobe so you can match them with the clothes you have chosen, that sort of things.


Don't Put Everything Altogether


Keep in mind that the closet is not a storage place and you shouldn't place all your unnecessary stuff there. Instead place a big box in the basket in the basement or in the laundry room if you have free space there. There you should store things which you haven't used for the past three months, if you haven't used them for a year I recommend you donate the belongings. I know it is hard to throw away souvenirs because they have sentimental value but sometimes it is better to do so.


Label Things


The key to a good organization is when you can easily find everything you need, if you have a lot of stuff I recommend you place similar belongings together in a small box and label the entire box that way when you open a drawer and look for spices you'll easily pull it out and find what you need. The same applies for the medicine cabinet and accessories, DVDs, shoes, etc. as for the clothes just divide them in winter and summer ones.


Organised Home Is Easier To Clean



When everything is in order cleaning becomes so much easier, you just remove the boxes and clean the shelves. Dusting is also a piece of cake because there isn't so much stuff on the shelves, but remember to cover the boxes otherwise the while organization idea is pointless.


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