How to clean your bathroom?

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Most people can tolerate handful of dust balls under the bed or a closet full of unnecessary stuff. But a dirty bathroom is quite another story. The bathroom should be cleaned regularly. A light clean once a week or more if you have large family and a deep clean every month is sufficient enough to maintain proper level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Today, most materials used for the make of bathrooms are easy to clean and if you take 15 to 20 minutes once or twice a week you will be OK. If you flush the toilet and rinse the tub and shower immediately after use you will save yourself many hours scrubbing and disinfecting.

These are general guidelines which will ensure a nice and clean bathroom. We all know that bathroom cleaning is not the favorite chore to most people. On top of that when you have to clean the toilet, things get really bad. But this all- important part of the bathroom needs constant care and attention. Cleaning the toilet is a thing most people want to do as quickly as possible. Various cleaning products claim they will do the job for you. It might be true for some of them, but you still should spend some time.

Start with getting your domestic cleaning products in one place. Thus you do not have to go up and down and waste time. Prepare a bottle of bleach, lime scale remover, and pair of bizzybee gloves for hand protection. Be careful when using chemicals. Mixing ammonia and chlorine products will cause chemical reaction resulting in toxic fumes! When cleaning with such products assure that the bathroom is well ventilated.

Pour a cup of bleach in to your toilet bowl and scrub with a brush. Let it stand for ten to fifteen minutes. Flush the toilet while scrubbing. You should always have a brush with long handle when cleaning the toilet bowl. You can wipe the area around your toilet with disinfectant wipes. Mop the floor around it, too.

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