How to Increase House Safety in an Economical Way

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 11 February 2015 04:12
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While no amount of vigilance can replace what a home alarm system can do for your home, if considering one is presently way out of your budget there’s a way around. Research shows that burglars have demonstrated similarities on a number of fronts with respect to the way their conduct burglaries.

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking.

Addressing these trends can help reduce the chances of you losing your valuables, even if a break in does occur. And yes, there are economical ways to reduce the attractiveness of your homes to potential thieves and deter everyday burglaries.

Here are a few ways.

Working up your home security in an economical way

Note - These findings are based on several researches conducted on burglaries in the UK.

1. Burglaries mostly occur between 10am to 3pm and on weekdays. The reason is obvious; most people are out to work during this time and homes are usually vacant. Consider setting your radio or television with random times during this period so that they turn on, on their own and project you home as being occupied. Have another car? Keep it parked at the drive way or simply rent out your driveway during the day. If you happen to use cleaning or gardening services, consider scheduling them while you’re out at work.

2. In most cases a burglar is a neighborhood teen and they don't spend more than 60 seconds on an average in breaking into a home. Consider investing in deadbolt locks, sash window pins, window bards, etc. to secure entrance and kill these 60 seconds. You could also have sign off outside your house saying “my dogs runs faster than you can”, “beware of dogs”, etc.

3. Homes that don't have a security system are 3 times more prone to burglaries than homes that do. In place of installing a security system, put up sign offs or decals saying that the area is under surveillance or there are dogs around. It deters break-ins to a huge extent.
4. Breaks happen through the main door, first floor windows and back door, in order of the highest to the lowest percentage. Besides them are the garage, unsecured entrances and basements. Consider reinforcing these entries or installing well bolted doors or cameras, if possible.
5. 8-12 minutes is all that a burglar spends inside a home. Think about the unusual places where you can keep your valuables so that it will take longer than 12-15 minutes for the burglars to look for them.

When you’re on vacation

Consider push lights around the outside of your home and seek your neighbor’s help in switching them on every day. Time your radio, interior lights and television randomly. Stop all mailing and newspaper services. You could request your neighbors to drop some of their garbage into your bin. You could also consider investing in one of the inexpensive (cheap) home alarms.

What are your tips to keep your home secure in an economical way? Share them with us below. And for more information on cheap home alarm system or economic response wireless alarm system, visit us at

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