7 Tips for Successfully Moving to Bristol

Written by Posted On Thursday, 12 February 2015 02:38
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Bristol is rated as one of the top cities for families in the United Kingdom and it’s a great choice for families looking for better opportunities. If this is you, then you will definitely make use of these seven great tips for successful removal to Bristol. Here is what you need to know:

#1 Organize yourself with a list

The best way to organize the entire removals process is to create a list with both the tasks related with it and all items you are packing for your new home. Nowadays, this is made much easier thanks to computers and various applications, so once you are done you just need to hit “Print”. Once your list is in place, organize the boxes and containers of the items according to it. A great hint is to try and be as specific as you can when labelling the packages with your belongings.

#2 Load up on supplies

During the process of placing labels on all your possessions, you will be in need of lots of supplies such as duct tape, markers, notebooks and off course boxes, unless these are provided by the removals company. Its recommended to stock up on at least ten extra boxes, as these almost always comes in handy. Also it’s important to make sure that the duct tape you have chosen is strong enough to keep the boxes sealed during the transportation to your new home in Bristol.

#3 Use colors to organize items for the different rooms

The hardest task there is to be done once you move into your new home in Bristol is to organize your items in the rooms they belong to. Using designated colors for each room when writing the boxes’ labels will make your work much easier. Furthermore, you can always explain this to the removals company and they will be more than happy to help with the organization process.

#4 Group items together

While this tip seems pretty obvious, most of the people only group same items together, but your organization process after the removal can be much easier if you simply group different items according to their use. For example, keep light bulbs with lamps and extension cord with appliances. Small parts that often get lost during the removal process can easily be placed in an envelope and easily attached to the item they belong to with duct tape.

#5 Pack your items ahead

Don’t leave all the packaging work for just a few days before the moving day, packing your items ahead will save not only your time, but your nerves. For example, if you move during the winter, you can easily pack your summer clothes, as you will not likely need them. When making the list with tasks you need to get done to move to Bristol, create a separate list with these items you can pack ahead of the moving day.

#6 Keep cleaning supplies together

Quite often when you move to a new house in Bristol or any other city in the UK, you will have to do some serious cleaning before get on with your everyday life. This is why keeping your cleaning supplies together is essential and if possible try to clean your new home ahead of the moving day.

#7 Place valuable possessions in a safe place


All your valuable possessions need to be placed in a secure place, not along the other items you bring to your new home in Bristol. Also in case you have homeowner’s insurance, check what the procedure for filing a claim in case some of your items get lost is. 

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