How Technology is Changing the Real Estate Game

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The real estate business has been changing significantly for nearly a decade, especially since the internet has been playing a bigger role in both buyers’ and sellers’ real estate decisions. In order to recognize how technology is changing a real estate agent’s job, it’s important to look at the two most important individual aspects of the real estate business: presentation and brand building.


One of the first things a buyer will look for on a listing they see online is the pictures. In the past, a real estate agent could get by with taking a handful of pictures and that would be it. Now that everyone has access to the MLS, agents need to be able to take pictures with high quality cameras, a simple disposable camera will not do.

A video tour of a house can also be a great selling point, and it is something fairly easy to do now that just about every real estate agent has a smartphone. The MLS system limits most listings to 1 video and 24 pictures, but a real estate agent’s website can hold as many pictures and videos as they want. This gives potential buyers a good feel for the house, and increases the chances that they will buy it after a property tour.

Brand Building

Using technology to build a real estate agent’s brand is easy since advertisements can be placed where their target audience will see them. Buying display advertisements on real estate websites, or using PPC ads for real estate related terms, gets a Realtor’s name and face in front of people who are obviously either interested in buying a home, or selling a home.

By incorporating new technology to both improve home presentation, and build a real estate agent’s personal brand, a tech-savvy Realtor can achieve a significant amount of success in a relatively short amount of time.

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