What you need to know while a long distance moving?

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While moving, especially over a long distance you should know many important information that will help you not to turn your relocating process into the disaster.

Get all your things, load them in the car and go to the new address. Everything is obvious and simple. But most of us are missing one thing and that is experience. And this is understandable. Not every day we have to relocate!  There are so many questions immediately arising! 

In this article I'll tell you how to pack in the right way, so you won't be confused and be sure that everything you need is packed.

Where to start? From what lies in the attic, in a closet, etc. 

It is better to start with the clothes out of season. Temperamental things (lining jackets, dresses with corsets) can be transported as follows: take the box with the bottom area about one meter and with low sides, the bottom needs to be lined with polyethylene so that it is ten centimeters higher on the walls of the box. At the bottom for safety measures you need to  put something less valuable (like sheet), then pack, trying to do as little bends as possible.

In Hollywood movies they show that all the glasses and glasses stacked on different capsules, interspersed with foam crumb. But the practice shows that it is more profitable to wrap dishes in the kitchen towels, tablecloths and napkins, to fill the free volume with tack, soft toys, mittens, gloves and hats. 

Shoes need to be washed, dried, ventilated, and shifted with the paper. It is better not to use the newspapers, they can leave marks on the bright shoes. Expensive shoes are better to transport in bags or separate boxes. From moths and bad smell you can protect your shoes with dried orange skins or linen bags with lavender flowers.

Boxes with toys, books and cartoons do not tape until the last moment.

When everything is packed you need to check the boxes and be ready to leave.

Signs of correctly folded box:

- You can pick it up, though with difficulty. If one of the movers is very strong let him take two. Or even he can drag furniture.

- When you are shaking it, be sure that nothing  rattles, knocks and  moves inside.

So, things are packed, large furniture is dismantled, the shallow one has all doors plastered.

Estimate the number of transported goods and decide which car and how much movers you need. You are very lucky, if your friends can help, but do not forget to feed them then (advice for those who move within the city limits). To do this you need to prepare all the kitchen tools in  a separate box of medium size. Paint this box so it will strike your eye from distance, you can write a huge description Into the kitchen!. 

But if you don't want to be bound to someone you are better to hire a professional moving company that will do everything for you in oder to move your belongings.

Anastasia Hamilton, independent blogger gives pieces of advice while packing the boxed and finding a company for moving over a long distance in Calgary and other cities of Canada.

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