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How To Choose A Sydney Granny Flat Builder

Written by Posted On Sunday, 22 February 2015 23:37

If your looking to build a granny flat in Sydney there is no shortage of choice. There are over 100 dedicated Granny Flat Builder in Sydney alone which makes the options a bit overwhelming. 

So what should you look for in a Granny Flat Builder and what questions should you ask? 


How much is it going to cost? There is a big difference is the price options available for granny flats. Some start at $50,000 while others can extend up to $150,000. Find out what your builder specialises in an make sure it lines up with the class of building you want an the price point you are after. 


You should ask some customers of the builder the experience they had. Try and get the names of 10 previous customers so you can get an indication of the full range of experiences that people have been through with the builder., Find out if the job was finished on time, if it was on budget, how the builders behaved when they were on site, how many granny flats in sydney they have built in the past. 


Find out how long  the builder will stand by their work. Most builders offer at least a 30 day warranty so make sure you are at least receiving this level of support, if not more on your investment. 


Good luck and happy hunting. 



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