5 Essential Things to Check for a Mountain Cabin

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 24 February 2015 00:47

North Carolina is famous for its vacation properties. Having a house at exotic locations adds to the pleasure of your getaways. One such type of property is the mountain cabin.  Staying in this wooden chalet situated on a mountain top is a unique experience. But before buying a mountain cabin there are certain things that you need to consider.

1.      Access

Mountain property in general can have challenging access. Certain Mountain properties can be inaccessible under inclement weather conditions as well.  Legal access is also important to consider. First, verify that you have permanent deeded or easement access to the property. Second, assess slope and road surface to determine if you could have issues with erosion or access issues when conditions are wet or frozen.

2.      Access to Necessities

As your cabin might be located in a remote location, you will have to check whether you will get easy access to utilities or not. Check to see what source of electricity is available. The North Carolina mountain property for sale usually has access to solar energy or generators as a back-up. Check the quality of water provided. Inspect the system well to ensure there is sufficient water. If there is a well nearby then research the well permits. Know who has ownership, access, rights, etc.

3.      Waste Water Treatment

With access to water, it is equally important to learn about the management of the waste water. An efficient septic system works best to treat your waste water. They are more economical systems than other systems. A proper septic permit and certification may be required before getting it installed. These systems are based on the quantity of bedrooms that your cabin has and the overall conditions of the property and soils.

4.      Insurance

Getting your property insured is a very important step. The damage caused by fires or floods may cost a fortune. It is always better to take preventive measures. Before buying a property, you should check the safety measures taken and flood risk associated with the North Carolina mountain cabin for sale.

5.      Permits

It is very essential to check whether the owner has acquired proper permits for home improvements. You should be able to make any alterations or extend your property when required. Adding a fence and expanding the cabin are a few examples of basic changes that you may be interested in making. If the owner has already made improvements, then it is important for you to check whether they align with the legal standards. You may ask for home improvement records or the contractors’ details.

Checking these facts will help you to know your property well before making a decision. For a better review, you may contact us. We specialize in North Carolina mountain real estate. We will serve you as an efficient guide and let you gain complete insight of your property. Our large database, broad experience and skilled training will help you to choose the best mountain property for sale in North Carolina.

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