6 Reasons Why Your Purchase Offer Was Rejected

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Shopping for a home can be both an exhilarating and frustrating experience. It can be exciting visiting different houses and selecting the perfect one in which to submit a bid. The mood can turn sour quickly if your offer to the seller is rejected. Rejection is a common experience among home buyers, especially in areas where home inventory is limited and many buyers are competing for the same homes.There are countless reasons why sellers reject purchase offers.  Here are 6 reasons why purchase offers are rejected.

Offer Rejection Reason #1

They received a higher offer.


The seller might have received a higher offer around the same time you made your offer, or shortly before yours. It's common for sellers to collect and review a "bunch" of purchase offers before responding to them, especially in a hot market. For instance, they might have a few come in on Friday, and then more over the weekend. So on Monday, they would choose the strongest one and reject all other offers.

Offer Rejection Reason #2

They have Off The Wall Expectations


Some sellers are realistic about their local market conditions. They understand supply and demand and it’s role in the market. Sometimes the seller will ask for more than "fair market value" for the home. Some homeowners set their asking prices based on the amount they need to pay off their current, or the amount they paid for the house when they first bought it. But their figures might be different from the current market value of the home  and to be frank most of the time they are .


Offer Rejection Reason #3

You don't have your financing lined up.


If you're using a home loan to finance your purchase , you better have your pre-approval letter from your lender in hand before making your offer. A letter shows that you've been evaluated by a lender and will likely receive financing. Without your financing lined chances are slim your offer will even get a glance.

Offer Rejection Reason #4

You asked for too many concessions.


When you ask the homeowner to do or pay something above and beyond the purchase price, it is known as a "concession." They are also referred to as seller-paid contributions.Asking for the seller to pay some or  all your closing costs is one example of a “concession” and could result in your initial offer to be rejected.   Did you ask the seller(s) to pay some, or all, of your closing costs? If so, that might be the reason why they rejected your initial offer

Offer Rejection Reason #5

Lower-Than-Listed-Price Offer

If a buyer offers too little, the seller might believe the buyer is not a serious buyer.If the house has just come on the market and is a fresh listing, the seller might feel it's too early to look at less-than-list offers.


Offer Rejection Reason #6

Buyers Agent is First Class Twit


Buyers Agents without manners are wasting their time and making their buyer's lives miserable.  Make sure your agent doesn't do any of the following:

  1. Raises their voice on the phone or in person

  2. Makes demands and delivers ultimatums

  3. Prints out comparable sales or market data assuming the listings agent is stupid.

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