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The problem of  cleaning dust is undoubtedly difficult, but doable; you just need a professional approach to this issue. Take, for example, modern parking lots. Places in the city for private garages are becoming smaller, and machines become more. Therefore, the parking lots of various options (underground, closed, open, multi-storey and so on) now is a lot of construction, and every car owner wants his car was kept clean and was not covered with a layer of dust, standing only a couple of several hours in the parking lot. For this purpose you must solve the problem of quality cleaning, and there is already good underground parking cleaning equipment without which you simply cannot do it.

Maintaining cleanliness in the parking lot, the choice of the necessary equipment and technical aspects. To choose the right cleaning equipment for car parks, you must consider a few things: 

1. The gradient ascent in such a machine must be large enough so that it easily could pick up on the floors, clean the crossings;

2. The proposed model is required to have a moderate maximum speed in order to avoid accidental damage to the car;

3. It is better to use the machine with petrol or diesel engines (this allows sanitary standards, and are substantially cheaper than battery ones).

Underground parking cleaning - is a comprehensive service, which includes wet or dry cleaning of floors, cleaning and washing ashtrays and garbage collection, cleaning of all elements of the interior, signs, mirrors. Also the cleaning of parking involves the cleaning and disinfecting of restrooms and other public areas.

This type of cleaning is quite specific, because the maintenance of cleanliness in the parking lot during the day - this is a very complex process in a kind of constant stream of cars. But despite that cleanliness and order in the parking lot is quite an important aspect of its work.

The machine, in fact, is carrying a lot of dirt and debris. In the period from October to May, the rainy season, snow and dirt, the machine is transferred from the street to the parking lot all that is going on the wheels and the bottom of the car. Don't forget about the diversion of the car engine oil, gasoline and other liquids.

The underground parking cleaning provides services for professional cleaning of parking both on the ground and underground, both in the daytime and at night. Also cleaning is provided to the adjacent parking areas.

Often for the owner of the parking lot his cleaning requires significant and continuous investments. They are required to purchase complex and expensive equipment, procurement detergents and cleaning products, small equipment and also the bulk of the cost makes compensation of employees who will be directly inducing cleanliness and order in the territory of the parking lot. Therefore, more and more owners of parking lots use the services of the clearing companies. Cost of services is calculated for each client separately, taking into account the scope of services and personal wishes of the client.

Companies provide as well services of comprehensive cleaning of the territory. This is cleaning snow in the winter and lawn care in the summer.

Linda Evans, a commercial service specialist, writes about innovative  solutions for underground parking cleaning in Pickering that allow to maintain large premises in a perfect state.


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