Inexpensive Decorative Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

Written by Posted On Saturday, 28 February 2015 15:58

Inexpensive Decorative Lights to Brighten Up Your Home

Decorating a home is one way to show off personal style, create comfortable space and even to some extent; it can serve as way to increase property value. There is an inborn need to make personal space even more personal, and home décor is just what one needs to get to that. Lights have become the modern decorating phenomenon, and not just for festive seasons but all year round. So do not shy away from having lights within the home for fear of being labeled a weirdo, everybody is doing it. By everybody, it means it is no longer strange to have lights up when it not Christmas since the concept has been adapted to modern decorating ideas.

 The Kitchen

There is nothing as frustrating as fumbling through a cabinet only to end up spilling flour or breaking those long wine glasses you have meant to move to the top shelf. A solution lies in LED rope lights, which can be hung up in cabinets that do not have enough lighting. It not only provides extra visibility but gives the cabinet a new look. Think of how dark a fridge would be at night without its inbuilt lighting. 

 In the Bathroom

The bathroom is a place to treat, pamper yourself and just take it easy. Too much overhead lighting is a no-no, but simple lighting creates a therapeutic mood and ensures you leave the bathroom feeling refreshed and ready to face any day.

In the living room

From the welcoming table to the fireplace, to ceilings, the options are endless when it comes to lighting up the family room. Lights can be woven to highlight an authentic ladder. A soft light on the welcoming table gives the welcoming feel into the home while high ceilings can become a vocal point when there is light on them to capture the architectural design of the ceiling.

In the Bedroom

For a romantic feel, having a bedside light in place of the normal light gives ambience to the room. Where bookshelves might be vanishing into the dark, brighten them up with a rope of lights to bring out your favorite titles back to the fore. Lights in the closet both provide lighting and contribute to becoming more organized. The same goes for a string of lights above the dressing mirror.

In the Yard

After the festivities, it may not seem necessary to keep the lights up, but in snow season regardless of the festivity, lights sure do look great. They brighten up a home, and you will feel a sudden spark driving into your lighted home. Curl lights around trees, use some colored ones to frame windows too. This, while a decorative tip will no doubt have you are thinking about repairs that may be overdue, and with repairs comes better home value. 

With their ability to create a unique touch to any object, lights for decorating come at an affordable price and great choice of colors and sizes. You don’t have to make a major overhaul, start small and get bolder with your experiments.












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