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Redecorating your kitchen does not need to cost you a fortune; it’s actually quite possible to improve the appearance of your kitchen with very little money. Pay attention to the following advice and make your kitchen glow once more!

Consider making white the dominant colour. Since most of your kitchen appliances are already white, it will give your kitchen a modern, clean look. Enhance that look with some wooden elements. But don’t push white too far, as it can sometimes make your kitchen seem a bit sterile and artificial. Try mixing it with some antique furniture, such as old cabinets and kitchen islands.  Replace the existing countertop; we recommend a laminate one instead of granite versions – use textured ones so that stretches or burn marks won’t be so noticeable. If it's out of your budget, simply put a big cutting board on it – it's functional and it will look good. Plus, you can repaint it as well.


If your kitchen cabinets are ragged, don’t hesitate to change them; it’s the first thing people notice when they enter the kitchen. Even if you don’t have the money to buy new ones, you can improve their look; we suggest replacing, repainting or even removing the doors - but be certain that they still offer enough space and durability. You can even replace their doors with steel framed glass; even the simple act of replacing the knobs will make a positive impact on their look. 

You want to refresh your old sink? Buy a new faucet - modern pull-out faucets in chrome or white or high-arched versions look good and won't cost you a lot. The two most noticeable appliances in the kitchen are the fridge and the stove, and replacing them will significantly alter the look and style of your kitchen - take a look at French doors refrigerators. They can store large items and have a freezer at the bottom. Also, introducing a new cooktop will make your stove visually interesting.

Improve the lighting – it will make a huge difference in making the room feel warm and cosy: add under-cabinet lights to make your kitchen work easier. Consider adding a few decorative pendants, scones or a chandelier and energy-saving LED and xenon light bulbs. 

Stop mess from happening and get additional storage space. Some low-budget yet efficient solutions include hanging a pot rack or a pegboard (look them up on Craigslist and IKEA) or installing a wall shelf which will give you the much needed room for additional tools. If you'd like additional storage space, but your kitchen is too small, consider setting up a closet or a shelf in the adjacent room or the hallway – that way its contents will be within your grasp, but still out of the crowded kitchen.

Fridge magnets

Details matter: Use your own judgment and good taste and spice up the kitchen with small details such as decoration stickers, fridge magnets, paper towel holders, trash cans, cookware, curtains and vases. Even a simple innovation, like putting a rug, will make a noticeable difference. Seek out ideas and influences from your friends, neighbours, the Internet, put an emphasis on the do-it-yourself approach, and, above all, don't forget to have fun while doing it!

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