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According to statistics, people often move from apartment to apartment, mostly every five years. They change jobs, cities,  states or provinces, in connection with promotions, the expansion of the company. Or just want to improve (or worse are forced) their homes, changing the areas. In addition, they rarely are the homeowners,  almost all of them are renting residential areas, from budget houses to luxury penthouses.

That is why moving companies are very popular and owing them is profitable. Because no one wants to turn the move into the real disaster.

It is very important to get a good office, where the managers will work and a warehouse near it, where you will be storing the packing materials. It should not be big and in the center of the city, because customers order specialists for counting the costs estimation of the moving process.

You need to be careful while selecting the stuff, even if the company is new, it is important so the workers will be a real professionals.

You need to properly select the packing material such as the right size of the boxes, tapes with logos, wrapping paper, etc.

How to select the auto for the transportation

Some experts believe that the moving company should not buy their own car, they are sure that it is better to use the services of transport companies. The fact is, that different orders require machines of different sizes and capacity and in this case it is necessary to keep the whole fleet of vehicles. Others believe that the use of other people's cars makes removal business unprofitable. In addition the lack of your own car can lead to failure of terms of the order.

In the car it is necessary to raise the tent, so you will be able to transport high loads. The car needs to be convenient and does not have restrictions on the movement of the city. You should count that  you will be spending money on car maintenance every month, gasoline, repairs and spare parts. On the machine there can be pasted advertising. The car is better to park in the parking lot  near the office and  close the keys in the safe.


One of the most effective ways of promoting your moving company  experts call  making the corporate website. Corporate clients and wealthy individuals, who form the basis of customer base for every removal company prefer to look for the  contractors in the Internet.

Another effective way to promote a moving company is printed mass media. Some experts advise to advertise in free newspapers. But outdoor and radio advertisement almost has no effect.

Market participants also recommended to get around shopping and office centers to find out who is going to move, so you can directly offer them your services. In addition in the office and shopping centers as well as real estate agencies you should distribute your business cards or brochures.

New players according to market participants  should only deal with business and household moving process, as more complex services require large investments (more staff, buying expensive cars , etc).

Linda Evans, real estate agent gives informative tips how to relocate in Toronto with moving companies or organize a moving company by yourself.


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