How to Sell Your House at a Higher Price

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 11 March 2015 08:43

Selling your house is an important part of your life. A lot of things will change for you, as well as for the people who will move in. I hope, that besides wanting to increase the price of your property, you care for making it more comfortable for future habitats. Here is some advice coming from professionals.

According to painters & decorators, if you have a house with a basement, garage and an attic, you might want to remodel one of the above mentioned into an entertainment area - a games room, a sports bar or a work-out room. Probably you already use the three as a dumping point for all sorts of clutter, but you don't really need that much storage space, as you can do miracles in a basement.

Vogue Up The Property: If your basement is bigger you could put a bar in it, with a TV screen, darts, foosball table or something else that is entertaining. When selling a property with such a room, potential buyers will imagine themselves having great times in their new house. This will increase interest, especially if your house is a bit older.In case you have used one of your rooms for such purposes, then add more shelves in your garage or create more storage space in your attic. Storage space is important. Different families have different needs, and you never know what kind of people will come for a viewing.

Old Property Maintenance: In case the property you are selling is really old, then ask a local company to check on your plumbing and pipes. Potential buyers will ask questions such as how old the plumbing in your house is and when was it last checked. Repair all leakage prior to viewings. Viewers would like to visit the bathroom, as it is a very important room, in your house. You might even add a second one, if the space in your house allows it. An extra bathroom can only give you extra points, if you know what I mean. Renovate your bathroom, repaint it, change sinks and faucets and if necessary replace cracked tiles.

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Relocation & House Removal: Make sure to transport all your valuable possessions and the furniture you want to keep to your new residence prior to moving out. Entrust this job on a local house removal company in Melbourne, or whichever city you live in, to save time and nerves on the big move. Most furniture removal companies even offer storage services and will gladly help you with insurance issues in case you are moving expensive valuables.

Hopefully, this gave you an idea, how to keep improvements, simple, cheap, but also functional and effective. Don't forget that when you have a viewing your house must be stainless, in order to show it in all its shimmer. De-clutter as much as possible, remove all the waste and garbage from your backyard, and ask a local company for a deep cleaning if you can't fight all stains.

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