Five Must-Have Facilities for a Top Luxury Villa

Written by Posted On Thursday, 12 March 2015 18:56
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Whether you are building a luxurious dwelling to spend your golden years, or are looking for an unforgettable property to rent for your vacation, if you really want to enjoy the very best the world has to offer, you should look further than large living and dining areas, terraces or live-in staff with their own quarters, and really should look at some James Bond movies for inspiration instead! From our long experience in dealing with the most luxurious properties in Phuket, Thailand, we have put together for you a short list of five luxury facilities we believe a property should feature to be among the most luxurious in our modern times.

1. Large Infinity Swimming Pool With Panoramic Views

Probably the most essential element of a luxury dwelling in warm climates, the swimming pool plays a central role in the enjoyment of a luxury villa. It's the feature that draws everyone together and allows you to spend unforgettable moments with your family and friends. Being the "center piece" of your property, it should be as impressive as possible, and the first -obvious- way of doing it is by making it very big, above 12m x 6m if possible. It should also be designed to take advantage of the panoramic views of your luxury property, usually looking fantastic if you have a view over a lake or the sea. The effect to look for is the "Infinity Edge", which consists of a continuous overflow of the pool surface over one of the edges of the swimming pool facing the sea or lake, to create an impression of continuity between both surfaces. This impressive technique can be accented by using dark colored tiles, to increase the reflection of the sky and make it blend with the landscape. This looks absolutely fantastic on property photos, and even better in reality!

2. Cinema Room

Because the weather is not always sunny, having a private Cinema Room will tremendously increase the appeal of your property. Getting together with your family and friends to watch a favorite classic or the latest releases on a 4K projector screen always leaves a great impression! There are virtually no limits to the enjoyment enhancement possibilities such as brand name leather recliners and high-fidelity surround sound systems. The privilege of being able to enjoy the experience of a luxury cinema without leaving the comfort of your home is another marker of a true top luxury villa.

3. Massage, Spa and Sauna Rooms

Fewer activities provide more pleasure to the senses than a relaxing massage or spa treatment, and when you live in a luxury villa you definitely should have a dedicated room for these. With meditative views, soothing music system and perfect temperature control, you can restore your physical and mental energies in this small temple. A sauna room is also an excellent addition, the perfect complement to the massage room and fitness room, that will help you take care of your health in a natural and chemical-free way.

4. Gym and Fitness Room

Physical fitness plays a great role in your well-being, and it is for this reason that all the top-luxury villas have a private fitness room. It should not only be fully equipped with all the tools necessary to keep your body in great shape, but also be designed for maximum enjoyment of your fitness time through scenic views and large TV-screens with the latest workout routines. The gym room should be large enough to welcome a few friends for a group workout, and even to enjoy some lessons with a yoga or martial arts instructor.

5. Games Room 

True luxury villas are designed to offer the ultimate entertainment experience, and a private Games Room fulfills exactly this purpose. You will usually find a standard size pool table, sometimes two, as well as table tennis, foosball, and even darts games. This room is sometimes themed as a bar, complete with bar counter, signage and full stock of drinks, with the welcome advantage of not having to drive back home and having the premises all for yourself and friends. Other luxury villas are more family-oriented and prefer to theme this room as a "kids room", featuring plenty of children games, toys, large TV for cartoon and video game enjoyment.

The five features above are only a small sample of the luxury that can be found in the very best luxury villas around the world, but they're notable for being consistently present, which shows how important they are for the true enjoyment of a luxury property. Of course, the luxury facilities are only the first part of a truly luxury living, and are nothing without proper service by dedicated, service-minded staff that will give life to the property. Therefore, always remember to check for proper staffing according to the property size, as well as a well-equipped kitchen with a personal chef. With well-trained staff and quality facilities and equipment, you can be assured to enjoy the very best luxury villa experience.

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