Creating a Lovely Gazebo

Written by Posted On Friday, 13 March 2015 01:48

As the winter months are almost over, we can not wait to get out into our beautiful backyards and spend more time in the sun. There is nothing more relaxing than having that first coffee on a warm Sunday morning, and that is why you should think about the design of the outer rooms you could set up in your garden. Gazebos became popular some time ago, and even though it can not be said to be a recent design, it is definitely the most popular one.

If you are not that handy, you will need a professional to help you build it, but what you do further to enrich the design is totally up to you and your imagination. If you are willing to do something different this year and pimp your gazebo up a bit, we have a couple of interesting ideas how to decorate it. 


Green Surroundings

It is not just about the gazebo, what is planted around it is also important, so think about what you might put on its sides. There is one rule: you can never have too many bushes. Bigger or smaller ones, it does not matter, once you sit among them, you will get the feeling that you are no longer just few steps away from your house, the road, and the traffic, as you will not be able to see it from the green branches and leaves surrounding you.

Decorative Details

Just like when you put numerous sculptures and other sundries in your home for decoration, you can do the same in your gazebo. Pick up a few ornamental dwarfs, and place them all around, among flowers and bushes. You can also have a bird house hung, so that as soon as the spring comes, so do the little birds. If you put a bit of water and food in there, they will come back every day for sure. You can also put a water fountain in front of the gazebo, or a small fire pit right there on the deck. They are perfect for a chilly nights, so that you can have that camping experience – sitting outside, curled up in a blanket, roasting marshmallows in a fire with your dearest ones.


What is also quite popular are climbers, plants that grow in such way that they can cover every vertical surface, from walls to wooden pillars you can find on your gazebo. They are perfect if you feel that your gazebo has a kind of a boring look, just plant them, and let them grow their way, without an order.

Adding Colors

What can really perk the surrounding up a bit are flowers, and  a lot of them. Some people prefer having their garden all green, with freshly cut grass, shrubbery and numerous trees, but sometimes you need a little bit of color to break the monotony. Think - what is your favorite color, or what is the color of the furniture you have placed in your gazebo, and combine, whether to create the harmony of shades, or make contrasts.

Outer Room

But not one gazebo is complete without a furniture, and is is as important as the one you have inside your home. Always go for the comfortable ones, so that you can lay back, put your feet up, and relax. You can go for that living room look, and have couches and armchairs, with a coffee table in the middle, or if you are more of a barbecue type, go for the deck chairs, and high dining table.


If you chose to build a gazebo in your backyard, there is no doubt that it will be beautiful even if you leave it as it is. However, you can not go wrong with a few decorative items, furniture, and plants to really make it stand out in your garden.

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