10 important things that you need to consider when you plan to move

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Moving is a big challenge. It requires making decisions, planning, packaging and countless other details. It’s hard to organize all the stuff you have when you are moving. The best thing is to make a to-do list. Also, that gives you the opportunity to check off done items, which is always satisfying. There is no place for panic, just relax and do everything by your order.

You need to organize:

1. Budget

You need to write down how much moving is going to cost. Plan transport, packing supplies, pay off bills from the old place. Complete any repairs of your home that you are committed to.

2. Time until the moving day

It’s never too early. A calendar will help you count the days until your move.It’s all about proper time management. If you succeed in organizing the time you have until moving day, your move will be a complete success.

3. A list of everyone you need to notify of your change of address

  • Change your address on your driver’s license if it is a same state move
  • Update your address on all credit cards and with your bank
  • Notify schools and employers of change of address
  • Service providers
  • Change any subscriptions or memberships you have
  • Schedule utilities to be cancelled couple days after you move out
  • Plan ahead to have them ready upon arrival at your new place including an appointment with the cable/internet provider

4. How far you will be moving

Consider distance between your old and new place. For example, if you plan to move to Brooklyn, district of New York, you need to think about parking and traffic jam. If you are in a building, reserve elevator and parking space for moving truck. Try to move on a weekdays, and always call a professionals like DumboMoving.com company.

5. Floor plan of your new place

According to your new place, decide how much you will pare down your belongings if there is a need for that. Start right away if you want to make garage sell, donate or give to friends.

6. Helpers

Book up your friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives on time. Don’t call lazy ones. Have a bottled water and some snacks available for everyone. Tips for helpers: Gloves make the actual day of moving easier. When wearing gloves, you can carry at least 15 lbs. more weight.

7. Right transportation

Choosing the right size of moving truck is particularly important.

  • One-bedroom apartments will fit in a 16' cube truck available at your local rental company.
  • Two to three fully furnished bedrooms will require a 24'-26' truck to ensure your move is completed in one load.
  • The contents of most houses can be moved in the same 24' truck with one or two trips. 

8. Packing supplies

Write down what you need for packing like a tape, suitable boxes, wrapping bags and buy them on time. Take more than you need.

It’s really important to label your boxes. Put your belongings in groups by room. Box for kitchen, box for living room, box for bathroom and most important fragile box.Don't just mark your boxes on ONE side, but more than two sides you never know which way a box will end up turned when all is said and done. Ask your children to draw a few pretty pictures on some on the moving boxes. For example, ask them to draw something on the boxes for their rooms. That way you show your kids that you value their help and make them part of the event.

Also, you can write spreadsheet about content of every box to have everything in order.

Tips for packing: Use your bath towels to cushion your dishes when packing. Your dishes are less likely to break even if you drop the box. Also, some worn clothes can work as packing material. NEVER pack in trash bags if you don’t want to find your belongings in garbage by mistake.

9. Keep important documents in lockable box.

Get a lockable box and start putting in important documents as you come across them.

10.Essentials Box

This box is for your first 24 hours at new home. Pack a change of clothes, pair of pajamas, toiletries and hand towels, toilet paper, instant coffee, some snacks, beverages, all purpose kitchen knife, mobile charger. In fact, think about what you would need for the first day. You will probably be tired so it can be very helpful to have essential box. Put this box last in the moving van, so you can later have easy access to it when you’re done relocating.

Get a nice sleep the night before the moving day so you can be concentrated to your moving work. Good luck!


P.S. Get unpacked as soon as possible. Moving is stressful, so the sooner things are back to normal, the better

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