Leaks In Your Home Budget

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 18 March 2015 02:52

With the cost of living going up, we all need to set-up a household budget so we know where our money is coming from and going.  As some prices, such as for food, increase, we need to make adjustments to our budgets so we can continue to fund the necessities.


This means that for some of us, we may have holes or leaks in our budgets that can be shored up.  Areas we spend money where we can cut back or save money that may be needed for other expenses.


Eating Out:  This can be anything from meals at a restaurant to having takeaways a few days a week, or having a pizza delivered.  The proper planning of meals can be a huge savings in the long run.


Lunch Out: Another big expense for some, and one that can be reduced is having lunch out of the office each day.  Just by reducing the number of times a month you have lunch out, and by reducing the trips to the vending machine for snacks and sodas can save you bundles.


Now for some, not so obvious ways to reduce your expenditures.


Tanning: I know it sounds odd, but there are those addicted to tanning salons. And the cost can add up.  


Buying Brans Names:  Sometimes buying generic or a store's own brand can bring some savings.  Naturally it can depend on taste when dealing with various food items, but there can be some savings here.


Late Charges:  If you are struggling with some debts and accounts, being in arrears can be costly.  The fees and charges can increase the balances and cost you more each month.  If you need help, there are plenty of places out there that offer profession debt advice.


Insurances:  Yes, there are insurances we need to have and if you drive are required by law to have insurance.  But review your policies to see if you are over insured, or have insurance on items that no longer require the insurance.  In some instances by raising the deductible or excess you can lower the premium.


Unhealthy Habits:  Do you smoke, even at 10 cigarettes a day it is costly.  If you over indulge in drinking and like going to the pub, again this can be costly.  Moderation is the key and through this you will save money.


Transportation:  If you have a car, can you reduce the amount of driving you do?  Is public transport in some instances cheaper?  Can you share rides to and from work with co-workers to reduce the expense?  Walking is not only good exercise it also is free.



So just a few instances where you may be able to plug a hole in your leaking budget.

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