Home Buyers: 4 Reasonable Repair Request to Make After the Home Inspection

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No home is perfect, and the one you’re buying may need repairs. When you look at your home inspector’s report you are going to see so many items for repair noted that are headache-inducing. Your head will spin and you might think the house is about to fall down. But there are certain types of repairs that are ok for home buyers to request sellers make before they agree to purchase the home.  Here are 4 Reasonable Repair Request for home buyers to make after the home inspection.



1.Rewiring. Pre-1960s wiring is not suitable for delicate electrical equipment like computers and modern televisions. It is very common to request complete rewiring. Some sellers will agree. The job is expensive, however, and many sellers flatly refuse.


2.Sewage pipes. Wise buyers request a sewage-pipe inspection on older houses. Pipes infested by tree roots or pipes made of tar paper often need replacing. This is also an expensive job, but most sellers will agree to do it.


3.Galvanized water pipes. These pipes are often affected by buildup of mineral residue from water, which can cause water-pressure issues. Galvanized water pipes also tend to suffer from leaks and rust. It is reasonable to ask for faulty pipes to be repaired, and the seller will often agree. It is not reasonable to ask for the entire home to be repaired.


4.Roofing. Sellers often commission a roofing certificate, which tells the buyer that the roof is in good condition. If the roof needs repairs, they must be done in order to get the certificate. If extensive work is needed, sellers may prepay for repairs or offer cash credit for repairs.




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