6 Tips to Help Sell Your Vacant Home

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IIn the real estate industry conventional wisdom would suggest that it can be difficult to sell a house without furnishings. The rule of thumb has always been that houses show better occupied than vacant. , However there are plenty of benefits to selling an empty house. After all, an empty house is a blank canvas open to a buyer’s imagination. Here are a


1. Landscaping. Keep the outside neat and tidy. Cut the grass and trim hedges in the summer, rake up fallen leaves during the fall, and keep on top of snow removal in the winter. If you have moved out of the area, enlist a service to maintain the yard.


2. Outdoor maintenance. If your house is empty for a long time, make sure to keep the gutters cleaned out regularly and maintain a good paint job. Winter can be hard on a house; if your home is empty during harsh weather, check to make sure your siding and paint are still in good shape when spring rolls around. If not, spruce them up.


3. Furniture. Less is more when selling a house, so you’re in better shape selling a home with sparse furnishings than trying to convince a prospective buyer to look past years of accumulated belongings. You may not be living in your old house, but can you spare a few pieces of furniture for key rooms? Just a piece or two in each room can help a potential buyer imagine his own furniture in the space. If you must move all of your belongings out, consider borrowing or renting a few items for the short term. A table with nice place settings and four chairs can be enough to “fill” a dining room, while a bedroom might only need a bed and a chest of drawers.


4.Update fixtures. Replace any broken or dated fixtures such as switch plates, doorknobs, drawer pulls, lights, and faucets. Brand-new fixtures will go a long way to making the entire place look like new.


5.Clean, clean, clean. If your home is empty or near-empty, it must be sparkling clean. Fortunately, if you don’t have to contend to cleaning up after kids or pets on a daily basis, this shouldn't be too hard. Clean the windows inside and out and make sure that kitchens and bathrooms sparkle.


6. Air it out. Homes that aren't lived in can acquire a mustiness that you’ll want to periodically eliminate. Open windows every few days. If you aren't around to do it yourself, talk with your real estate agent about helping you out.




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