9 Simple Ideas to Organize Home-Office Stationery

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Setting up office at home presents quite a few challenges -- organizing being one of them. The article lists 9 simple suggestions that you can utilize to make your work space a more functional and clutter-free area.

So when you finally leave your 9-to-5 job and start the journey of your dream freelance enterprise, there are a few things that would bother you while setting up shop at home. One of them is organizing the office stationery.

ideas to organize home-office stationery

So here we bring you 9 tips that will transform your messed-up space into a clean, clutter-free office that’s ready to support you with the speed of your work.

1. Help from the Kitchen: The most troublesome sometimes is the small stuff -- paper clips, tapes, staplers, pens, pencils, you name it. It is easy to lose them when you don’t have a designated space for them. One simple way to organize them is to bring out the egg cups or coffee-mugs from the kitchen and use them as holders or a pen stand for office purpose. If you want, you can also buy a designer pen stand to add a little special touch to your home office. There are many available online.

2. Laundry Baskets: Laundry baskets are a great way to keep your waste paper. Keep one near your table and just toss in all the messed-up stuff. Keep one for storing printing papers. The wide mouth of the basket makes it incredibly easy to store paper.

3. Muffins Molds: Remember the old muffin tray lying unused in your kitchen? It’s time to reincarnate it as your hold-all for rubber bands, stapler pins, etc. Arrange it in your drawer to get easy access any time you need them.

4. Shelves All the Way: If you don’t have extra space to install shelves or just want all your stuff within an arm’s reach, you can stack small shelves on top of each other and make a multi-pocket shelf right on top of your table. Just make sure that your table is sturdy and the shelves are not mis-aligned.

5. Put the Wall to Work: Convert one side of the wall to a faux quilted wall that can double up as a bulletin-board. It gives you a large space to pin up all important to-do notes, invitations, etc. You can segregate sections with ribbons and fabric tacks to designate blocks for different clients.

6. Hook Them Up: Get your bathroom hooks to work. Attach them in a nearby wall to easily prop up your headphones, keys, sunglasses, coffee mugs, or anything that can be hanged.

7. Metal Racks as Wall-Mounts: The metal racks used inside kitchen drawers also work great as wall-mounted file holders. Used differently colored ones to store separate files, notebooks, etc.

8. Magnetic Racks: Buy a magnetic rack and just stick on clips, rulers, for a clutter-free desk at any time.

9. To-do Table: Keep aside a table with all the utilities -- printer, scanner, photocopier -- arranged together. By doing this, you will be freeing up space on your work table and also shifting endless cables and cords to a less-frequented space.

After you are done with the organizing, do not forget to make your office space more encouraging by putting up comfortable lights and inspiring pictures.

Do you have more to add to the list? We’d love to know!

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