5 Reasons Why Your Home Hasn't Sold Yet

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So it’s been a number of months, and your home still hasn't sold? Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Home Hasn't Sold Yet

1. It’s overpriced.

  • There is no single strategy for how to handle this.Nothing leaves a home languishing on the market longer than an asking price that's too high for the current market. .If your place has been on the market for 30 days and not received an offer, you will need to reevaluate your pricing and determine if it’s the asking price that’s dissuading buyers. However, you or your broker should be periodically checking on your competition.  If they adjust their pricing, you should be prepared to as well.  This question should be asked again every few weeks if your property continues to remain on the market.

  • Price point is crucial, and if you don't price it properly, you're pretty much shooting yourself in the foot.

  •   In a buyer's market, price your home a minimum of 2% less than the last comparable sale. If you can't live with that price, then don't put your home on the market and set yourself up for disappointment. Overpricing is the worst mistake a home seller can make.

  • To avoid overpricing your home, examine the sold comparable sales. Adjust for square footage, if necessary. If your home has a bad layout or is located in bad location such as next to a school, on or near a busy street or bordering a liquor store, you're not going to get the same price as homes with a good layout and in a good location.

  • For example, if the last three homes sold at $400,000 but you feel they are not comparable to yours because they don't contain updates -- but they were located on a quiet street and your street is noisy -- your home is probably worth about the same. A plus-$50,000 adjustment for the updates could wash out the minus-$50,000 for the busy street.

2. Your house is outdated

  • Homes with outdated kitchens and bathrooms often sit on the market longer or sell at a lower price. You may need to make some upgrades, but look for improvements likely to make your house move-in-ready in the eyes of the potential buyers, and that will provide the best return for your money. Sinking $30,000 into a new kitchen to boost its appeal probably isn't a good investment.

  • Don’t make a renovation or upgrade that goes against what most people expect to find in a home in your neighborhood, you could be turning off potential buyers and could also hurt your resale value if someone does make you an offer. Undo any such changes if you can, or be prepared to lower your asking price to reflect them.

3. Poor Condition of Your Home

  • ·  Check out your competition. If 90% of the homes in your market are not selling, then your home needs to outshine the top 10%. Look at the homes that are pending sales because that's your current indicator. Sold comps could be two to three months in arrears of market movement. You want to know what is happening right now, and pending sale data will tell you which homes are selling.

  • Apart from preparing your home for sale, consider its condition. Perhaps you should consider adding updates or doing repairs before selling. If the top 10% on the market have new carpeting and your carpeting is worn and dated, your home is not going to sell. Replace the carpet. Paint the walls neutral -- not white. Check its curb appeal.

  • Fix everything you can before you list so that when buyers tour your home, they can focus on the home and not how much it will cost them in repairs.

4. There is too much of you in it.

  • · You want people to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and they can't do that if too many of your personal touches are on display. The more unique and lived-in it looks, the harder it is for them to do that.

  • Get rid of those family photos on the mantle in the living room, your hunting trophies on the wall and your kids' drawings tacked up on the fridge and box them up for your next home.

  • Repaint bold-colored walls a more neutral tone.

5. Your photos suck

  • When buyers do find your home's listing, your photos (or lack thereof) could be sending them away. Buyers want to get a good feel for what a home has to offer before they decide to arrange to visit it in-person, and they can't do that if you have no photos,

  • Homes in MLS that have one photo are passed by. Homes with dozens of photographs get noticed. Take quality photos or hire a professional photographer. Shoot

  • · Don't get yourself or the camera in the photo of the bathroom by shooting the mirror's reflection.

  • ·  If your hallway is narrow, don't take a picture of it. Get a close up of your fireplace or other interesting feature instead.

  • · Take several photos of the kitchen. The kitchen is generally the most important photo.

  • ·  Before photographing the dining room, set the table.

  • ·  Living room photos should show space, so move out some of that furniture.

  • · Include plenty of shots of the major areas of your home, as well as what the front and back exterior look like. Highlight any special selling points. Make sure these photos are well-lit, in focus and show off your home at its best.

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