Moving Heavy Furniture by Yourself

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The challenges of life are countless. You cannot fathom when you need to move that heavy furniture in your life be that for short distance or long distance moving, or sometimes just for the sake of rearrangement. Though you can hire professional packers from a moving company to move the heavier stuff, yet, if you want to save those extra cash, then apply the tips mentioned below. With these smart and useful tips moving heavy furniture by yourself will be the task of fingertips.

Shifting your furniture is a highly physical job. Therefore, you should know the easiest ways to move your items. Moving heavy furniture with utmost ease needs certain art. Many professional movers are fired from job due to their lack of proper moving knowledge. Some mandatory packing materials needed are:

  • Dolly appliance with strap
  • Furniture pads
  • Heavy and large material packing tap
  • Shrink wrap

Step By Step Guide For Packing Heavy Weight Furniture

  • To begin with, check the weight, shape, and size of the furniture of your house to gauge how much space it will cover to move through the door, or the narrow hallway.
  • Take out all the contents from the drawers, shelves and dismantle them to move the wardrobes and cupboards safely.

Use Rollers, Sliders, and Trolleys

The market is flourished with sliders, rollers and trolleys. These facilitate in moving heavy furniture. While relocating your heavy furniture, lift each side of the furniture and place the sliders one by one underneath. You can also use a roller and a trolley to lift and move the items.

Slide Your Furniture

It will be a wise decision to avoid lifting your heavy furniture during the shifting. Instead of lifting, slide them to get rid of any possible back pain. Use magic sliders and place them under the heavy items and slip them across the rooms.

Carry Tall Items up and down

While moving your dressing table, heavy shelving unit and fridge, move the item backward at an angle. Such objects should be carried by two persons. By moving them up and down, you can protect them from getting any scratches.

How to Carry the Sofas

The large comfy sofas are really tough to shift. Turn the chair on its side at an “L” pattern and move it back and forth. Then hook it around the door frame and slip through. In this way, you can shift them like a professional mover. There are many moving and lifting straps available in the market. For e.g. shoulder dolly. With the help of these you can move your heavy weight furniture and keep your hands free to provide a firm grip.

Lifting Straps

These are handy tool to carry your heavy weight furniture like Godrej wall unit, kitchen wreck, etc. This can be adjusted for object as per the length and size. These products are also available online. Do some research and purchase the sturdy one once you done with your compare shopping.

Use Blankets and Plastic Wrap

To ensure the safety of your valuable sofa, dressing table, dining table, or the Godrej, wrap them with blankets and secure the blanket with stretch film.

How to Move the Mattress

Many a time you may find it hard to move your large mattresses in spite of having handles. Therefore, you can tie the mattress with a simple rope to get a lot more control and thread it through the mattress’s handles.

Put some cardboard beneath the furniture

Another effective idea of transporting heavy furniture is to put some cardboard or old rug beneath the furniture and pull it. In this way, you can protect the furniture from probable scratches. However, while doing this, first lift your feet and keep your back straight to avoid possible injuries.

Use Glider Pads, wheels attached at the feet

By fixing wheels and glider pads to the feet of the sofas, chairs, and other heavy items, you can move them easily during the transportation.

How to Shift Your Electronic Goods

Gather some blankets or furniture pads that can be hired from a moving company to protect the electronic goods like TV, washing machine, and air conditioner. Wrap them with blankets or pads and carry them through lifting straps.

Likewise, you can move your refrigerator. Before moving remove all the items and throw away the perishable foods. Unplug the refrigerator and let the freezer defrost. Then take out all the shelves. After this, using a dolly you can shift the refrigerator easily through the stairs.

Hope, these effective tips for Moving Heavy Furniture by Yourself will help you carry your large objects with confidence. Get hold of the tools mentioned in the article and experience a scratch free moving.

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