How to Create a Chill-Out Zone at Home

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Have you ever thought that your home needs a little more than the compulsory bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms? Well, your home is a space that should offer you a relaxing retreat from the work, stress, chores, and responsibilities that surround you for the larger part of the day.

Chill out zone at HOme

And therefore, we bring you some ideas that will make your home, perhaps, your most favorite place in the world.

Place a Day Bed:

Is the large window in your home that looks out at the serene sunset just resting there empty? Place a day bed under it and make it a comfortable, relaxing space where you can lie down or just sprawl across to enjoy the view outside. Add soft rugs and cushions, and place a few colorful ottomans around to complete the look.

Create a Reading Nook:

The answer to a troubled mind is often a quiet corner and an inspiring book. Is there an unused corner in your house that is lit up with sunlight through the window? Why not place a relaxing lounge chair or a couch and reserve that space for your reading? If you have a bay window, use the space near it. Add a little bookshelf to store your current favorites and prop up an artwork or two against adjoining walls to complete the set-up.

Find a Quiet Spot:

Your relaxing spot does not always have to be inside the house. How about setting up a carved teak chair under the shady tree in your backyard or a swing with a canopy in the terrace or patio?

Set Up a Home Bar:

A private home bar can become your go-to place when you come home all drained from the rigorous routine of never-ending meetings. And it does not have to be too complicated, just a bar stand with a fridge and essential bar accessories set up in one part of the garage or basement will be sufficient. If you want, you can go the whole elaborate way -- plush seating, retro lighting, teak bar stands, the works. The best part about setting up a home bar is that you can invite your friends over anytime you feel like chilling out with the group.

Make a Movie-Den:

Are movie marathons your idea of relaxation? Reserve a spare room for setting up a home theater system. Place some comfortable lounges or just a couple of mattresses with cushions and  set the mood for some cinematic experience --alone or with loved ones.

So, these were some inspirations that you can pick from. Doubtlessly, explore variations according to your choices. For example, you can replace the home theater system with a makeshift stage where you can play the musical instrument of your choice, or instead of a lounge chair for reading, you can place a soft rug in a quiet corner to meditate. Whatever it is, just make sure that you actually take time out for yourself to relax, no matter how busy you think you are.

Have you done something similar for your home? We would love to hear.

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