How To Renovate Your Home For Sale

Written by Posted On Friday, 03 April 2015 10:30

Is the idea of a home sale on your horizon? How do you feel your home stacks up? If there are a few "to-do" items on your list, you might be thinking about making some changes that could boost your home's value before you list.


First, clean it up.  

Hire a service, rent a Dumpster, or just put out a lot of trash bags. Get rid of things you don't need, you don't use, or are outdated. If you can, donate and recycle. But let's be honest; a lot of our trash is just that: trash!


Second, fix things. 

There are always some "easy" fixes, such as painting touch-ups and making sure smoke detectors have new batteries. Save money by doing every do-it-yourself project you can manage before hiring a handyman or contractor.


Third, assess. 

Are there are issues with your house that might not pass an inspection? You probably have an idea if there are problems. Your roof might be older, or perhaps your furnace has been sluggish lately. Fixing problems before they become a problem for your sale could save you a lot of heartache.


Fourth, update.

No one is saying you need to completely overhaul your bathrooms or kitchen with all the bells and whistles right before you're moving out. But if your windows are old or you have chipped paint, you might consider a few renovations. Look over your house. The first impression that buyers see is your exterior. Is your house looking dated from the outside? Fix it! There are plenty of inexpensive options, from new siding to updated shutters to a shored-up walkway that can make your house stand out.


Indoor updates can be anything from a completely re-faced kitchen to new flooring. Simply re-painting (use natural colors!) can make a huge change in your home's presentation. Be careful of the flow. A lot of newer homes have open floor plans. Think carefully about your colors if you're working throughout a large area.


Fifth, kick it up,

What are the latest home trends? Just looking online can help you figure out which homes in your community sell the fastest. What do they have in common? What are the new trends in your community? Is the teen media lounge the newest hit around town? Media rooms? Tech-heavy households?  Look around and see what works toward selling in your community.


Of course, your real estate agent is your best partner for determining how to renovate your home for sale. Ask a lot of questions and make sure your agent knows your home's best attribute as you see them; then listen to your agent ‘s advice regarding home renovations that will appeal to buyers.


No home sale is the same. Every home buyer has different priorities. But if you make careful renovations to your home, you're likely to appeal to a wide home buying audience.


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