5 Ways Sellers Can Stand Out This Spring

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 08 April 2015 10:54

One of the worst winters that New England has ever experienced is behind us all now, and before we know it the mounds of snow will melt away, making way for the green we've missed so much! Spring brings new life (literally), warmth, and a fresh face to the real estate market. 

If you're planning on taking advantage of the changing season to get that home sold, here are some things to consider: 


1.Spring Cleaning. You're probably tired of being told to do this, but it really is a necessary step when you're thinking about putting your home on the market. We're not talking about a simple run through of your home – this should be a deep cleaning that cleans the parts of your home you've stayed away from before. This can also mean sprucing up your home's landscaping or adding a fresh coat of paint to the outside. You want to express to your potential buyers that you care about the home, even if you are moving on.


2.Clear It Up. Even if you aren't exactly ready to move yet, consider packing some items away that aren't absolutely necessary to have in your home. Clearing up the space in your home will keep it looking presentable and livable to buyers. Also, nobody likes clutter, and it can be a real turn off even if someone is very interested in the home. Consider investing in a storage unit to make the process easier to manage. 


3.Don't Shy away from Color. Whoever said that your home had to be neutral colors to attract buyers was wrong. Of course, you don't want to have every single room in your home be a bold, bright color, but you also shouldn't be afraid to lighten it up. Use color themes to combine subtle colors with bolder ones. The key to this is making sure that everything matches and flows together nicely. 


4.Get a Home Inspection. Getting a home inspection is very important before you complete the listing of your home. Of course, if there are some major issues it will probably be costly to fix, but if they find some minor issues that you can fix yourself in a weekend, you will be better prepared. You don't want an interested buyer to decide against your home just because of some minor issues that you could have fixed and prevented in the first place. 


5.Get the Price Right. Of course you want to get the most that you can for your home, but that doesn't mean hiking up the price to a ridiculous amount. In some cases, if you list your home closer to what it will sell for, it will most likely sell faster and for more money than if you priced it too high. It's all about showing buyers the value that they are looking for, while also being competitive. If you price too high buyers may not even want to view the home, and if you decide to decrease the price, it may appear as though something is wrong with the home. 


Spring is a great time to sell, so get out there and show those buyers what your home has to offer! Don't forget to consider these steps before you take on the market – Good Luck!


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