European house prices and how they compare

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Most residents within the UK could comment and make an informed decision to buy or sell on house prices within their country, however not many know about the state of the real estate market in a country other than their own. Trends within the UK and trends in the capital of England usually point upwards, although prices do tend to fluctuate with the market. With the third highest increase in Europe, the UK is on the rise, but what about the rest of the countries? I spoke with real estate site European Property about some of the previous years and trends in Europe and with their expertise, combined with a study by the OECD, these are the figures presented (All percentages are measured as an annual change in the three months to June).

Biggest Risers

The top 3 biggest risers of all countries inside the EU are Estonia, Ireland and the UK with a 14.5%, 12.5% and a 10.2% rise respectively. Other noticeable risers include Iceland with a 9.1% rise, closely followed by Sweden at 8.7% and Latvia at 8.2%. Countries that you would expect to see have a bigger increase, such as the Netherlands at 1.3%, have surprisingly not increased as much as expected. Spain at 0.8% and Norway at 1.3% have also barely increased. If you are renting or purchasing property in European countries, make sure you take note of these figures before you invest your time and money!

Biggest Falls

The top 3 biggest fall in house prices across Europe are Slovenia, Italy and Romania with a decrease of 9.8%, 4.8% and 3.8% respectively.  A surprising entry with a fall of house prices at 1.1% is France and Belgium at 0.8%. Although these are only small decreases, it’s still interesting to note. Other countries that had a small decrease in prices were Croatia and Cyprus at 2.9% and 1.5% respectively.


Overall, Europe saw an increase of around 1.7% and trends seem to suggest that this figure will increase over the years to come

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