Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

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Spring has come, and with it comes the need to get out into your yard for a little outside "spring cleaning." As you are considering ways you can spruce up your yard this spring, consider these important maintenance steps that will ensure a beautiful lawn and garden all summer long.

1. Rake the Lawn

Raking is not just a chore for the fall when the leaves fall in preparation for winter. In the spring, rake up any remaining leaves, as well as dead grass and branches that accumulated over the winter, to give your lawn the best chance for good growth.

2. Prep the Soil

How healthy is your soil? Grass needs a neutral pH in the soil to grow well, but few homeowners know the state of their soil. Check for moss growing on the grass, which is a sign of high acidity. If you are not sure about your soil, you can have it tested. If it is too acidic, consider applying some lime.

3. Attend to Weeds

Weeds will kill your lawn quite quickly, and in spring they start to grow abundantly. Start your weed control by pulling any large weeds by hand or using a weed pulling stick. Then, apply some proactive weed control herbicides to ensure that your grass has room to grow. Look for one with crabgrass control specifically, as crabgrass begins its growing cycle in the spring. The right preemergent herbicide will help prevent crabgrass from the very beginning.

4. Prep Your Lawn Mower

Mowing season is likely closer than you think! This spring, make sure your lawn mower is in good repair and ready for the toils of the summer. It's far better to take a little time now to maintain your mower than to pull it out when your grass is tall and unkempt and find out that it does not work.

5. Plan for Spring Planting

Do you need to plant more grass or some spring flowers? Take some time early to make your plans, so you will have the time and funds for the purchases you need to make in a few weeks.

Spring's mild temperatures make it the ideal time to get outdoors and start working on your yard. Tackle these five tasks now, and enjoy a summer with a beautiful, healthy lawn and garden.

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