11 Ways Bring Life and Light To A Windowless Room

Written by Posted On Monday, 20 April 2015 13:10

Oftentimes, people veer away from buying awesome properties just because it has one or two windowless rooms, but that shouldn’t be the case. Windowless rooms can easily be perked up with just a few minor adjustments and today’s blog is all about how you can achieve that. Read on below to find out more about how you can bring life and light to a windowless room.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Mirrors bounce light beautifully and makes a space seem much larger than it is. Easily create depth and sparkle to any room by adding a mirror on one wall and you’ll be loving your windowless room in no time.


Treat Your Walls Like An Ally

Paint your walls a very pale shade of blue or pure white to help simulate natural sunlight and give a room a fresh vibe. Another way you can make a room appear lighter and larger is to paint the walls and ceiling the same colour. It’s an instant makeover!


Be Bold With The Art


Use large art pieces, be it paintings, framed mirrors, or a large vase. This breaks up the background when you are looking at it, fooling your eye into seeing so much more space than there really is.


Use French Doors


French doors lets you take peek into another space. It also lets light pass through. In fact, adding French doors to a closet or a pantry can even make it seem like an entirely new room even if it really is just a small space.


Lights, Hide, and Seek!


Hiding sources of lighting on top of cabinets, behind sofas, and the like gives a room an indirect glow which mimics light coming from a window. Who needs windows when you can always play with light?


Let There Be Transoms!


Transoms are NOT outdated. In fact, they are one of the most chic architectural and design elements which you can use to bring light from another room to the next. Besides providing privacy when placed high enough, a transom can give an illusion of a high window, especially with daylight streaming through.


Build Internal Windows


Who says windows should only be on an outside wall? If you have a small space, placing internal windows on walls which separates shared rooms like the dining and living room really opens up a space.


Use Frosted Glass


Frosted glass allows light to pass through and provides privacy. You can add it in a kitchen, pantry, closet, basically any small nook to hide unsightly things away while still allowing light to filter in.


Under Cabinet Lighting


Under cabinet lighting can really make a huge difference in a space by lightening up dark edges and serving as mood lighting as well. Who knew a strip of light can add so much character and depth to a space?


Out Ceiling Exposures


Not many people are a fan of this and it might give you a mini heart attack if you happened to place this on a strategic place; however,  Ithere is so many ways you can make use of ceiling exposures to really bring light to a space. Just make sure you get a professional to do it though.


Have a Drapery Wall


Using drapery gives an illusion of window and more space. Want more wow factor? Add lighting beneath the drapery to really simulate windows! For more design tips, visit our company blog at: http://www.goodalemillerteam.com/Blogs

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