House Maintenance Meets Summer

Written by Posted On Thursday, 23 April 2015 09:07

During the autumn and winter season, our houses have to endure through rain, snow, storms, frost and many other different very tough trials. Like any other structure, houses can be damaged too. Don't let yourself become relaxed just because spring is here. This is the time when you should check your home for any damage, and prepare it for the hot (or potentially humid) summer.


You Should Definitely Check the Exterior Drainage

If the drainage is not good, even the small puddles created during winter or rainy autumn days, can go right into your foundations and cause problems. If that is the case, you have a few options. First thing you should do is to check the gutters. There may be a loose connection or a bad spout, or you just need to clean them. Second thing you might need to do, is to grade the entire area around your house with dirt to feel the gaps and for pavement you should call the professionals to correct the drains.


Cleaning the Gutters

Gutters have definitely accumulated some dirt from roof, leaves and sediment from snow or rain.


Home Exterior

You should check the home exterior for any damage, paint chipping, damaged siding, cracks in foundation, etc. Thoroughly check every inch of the exterior and make repairs if needed. There is no such problem that a good silicone or caulk can't fix.


Air Conditioning

Every spring, you should check your air conditioning unit. You can call professionals for that, do it yourself or buy a new, better machine. The decision is on you. If you want to do it yourself, do some research online and you should be able to finish the job successfully. Change or clean the filters, check the freon level, pipes, etc...


Window screens

If you have some holes in window screens that you missed during the inspection, you could have some uninvited visitors in a form of bugs, very soon. Better check your windows and fix them if needed, but don't just use the duct tape. Call the professionals or do it yourself, but be careful.


Take Care of Your Plants

It is wide known thing that you should take care of your plants during the autumn. But if you missed that, you should do it now, before they blossom. All plants can get their way into little cracks and holes in exterior of your house, and get really tall and wide. It sounds like an easy thing but it is very important. Trees can even go into the electric lines, and even through your roof. If necessary, you can call a professional to do the trimming.


Roof Inspection

One of the things we tend to forget is the roof inspection. It is high in the sky and made to last, right? Believe me, you should check it for cracks, because it was a very harsh winter. If needed hire a professional.


House Cleaning

Like you clip your nails regularly you should regularly do the house cleaning. After all those months of closed windows and living in a hermetic box, you should now let in some light and fresh air, get the vacuum cleaner and a broom and get started...or you can call professional cleaners. For this kind of thorough job, those cleaners are maybe the best solution. They can clean your house completely, from carpets to ceiling.


Garage Cleaning

Well, garage cleaning cannot be done by someone else. You have to do it yourself. You are a man, and every man has to finish that ritual in the beginning of summer. That is a rule. Keeping the garage clean can be the mirror of yourself (if you have a garage of course). Even if you arrange everything to look like a mess to others, that mess can be your order. Clean the shelves from dust and some old projects you were working on. Revisit those projects and try to finish them. You know, the small things. And of course rearrange your tools.

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