Choosing The Best Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Barrington Hills Horse Property

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Best Realtor in Barrington Hills for horse property sales Best Realtor in Barrington Hills for horse property sales

We recently wrote about choosing the best Realtor to sell land in Barrington Hills. Here's an extract from that post:

Property sellers expect 5 important things from us when listing vacant land.

  1. Accuracy – Making sure that all the details to a property are accurate and present.
  2. Online Curb Appeal – No matter the property there’s no reason not to take multiple photos. Vacant land can have characteristics buyers are looking for and photos are a great way to show that.
  3. Absolute Honesty About Pricing – A sale will only be achieved if a buyer and his agent can see a property is valued correctly. Over-pricing does nothing but waste everyones time. More importantly a seller is going to get very frustrated when there’s no action.
  4. Understanding Of Your Timetable – This can be a contributing factor to a property sellers pricing. Once we know the average marketing time and your time-frame, a pricing strategy can be outlined.
  5. Knowledge of Market – Our market reports show we are on top of the Barrington real estate sales. We hope to provide you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Horse barn in field

When we think of Barrington Hills we also think of horse property and these five important things are true when selling equestrian property large and small.The landscape of Barrington Hills is very much rural in nature. Yes we are close to more suburban villages and towns but the buyers who want  more space are going to look to Barrington Hills. So wouldn't sellers think the best realtor in Barrington Hills is one that simply loves the type of real estate in Barrington Hills and is also a local resident? I think so, but let's look at a comparison of two Realtors working in the area.

Other Barrington Hills Real Estate Agent

  • Local resident, maybe.
  • Neighbor and friend for years.
  • Has years of expereince in real estate.
  • Utilizes MLS as primary tool.
  • Does good photos, maybe a virtual tour.
  • Perhaps offers an open house.
  • Waits for buyers agents to bring buyers.
  • Print marketing? Newspaper, just listed cards? Maybe!

This is very much what I consider the old school way of selling property. It seems to be accepted by many Equestrian property sellers in Barrington Hills but I wonder if it's simply they have never interviewed a Realtor that does so much more to get exposure. Let's look at a new and improved marketing strategy.

The Best Realtor in Barrington Hills

  • Local resident.
  • Has years experience in real estate.
  • Utilizes MLS as a tool.
  • Does good photos and a virtual tour.

You'll notice a few items missing.

  • Print advertising in our opinion can be better replaced with tools for today's marketing methods.
  • Open houses are not  going to sell your equestrian property.
  • We don't sit and wait for buyers and we may not have gone to school with you.


We've taken a more aggressive stance on internet marketing because it's the today way of gaining exposure to a much wider audience. I think you'll agree that the typical Barrington Hills Realtor is focused on locals. When it comes to Barrington Hills equestrian property, your buyer may not be local at all.

So how do we market Barrington Hills equestrian properties to a wider audience?

First we must have an understanding of how the internet works, search engine optimization and other tools available to Realtors in Barrington Hills. We've spent the last 10 years learning and keeping up to date with these ever changing tools. OK so I don't want to bore you with the details, just accept that it's my job to do this and that I know how. Being a member of an organization called Listing Experts Academy keeps me up to date.

best realtor in barrington hills to sell horse property

Now we add more marketing to your equestrian property:

  • A you Tube Video - this may be made of static photos or video but the goal is to get you better search engine placement.
  • A single property website. Again it does not have to be a fancy presentation, it's all about exposure where the buyers are.
  • Exposure on the top Equestrian web site for Barrington horse property - this one.
  • Exposure on a nationwide top website to market equestrian farms and homes.
  • Images exposure on page one of Google.
  • Press releases. We've hired a company that writes great press releases and exposes it to over 285 news outlets.
  • Large social media footprint including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.
  • Blog exposure on various platforms.
  • The Best Realtor in Barrington Hills attracts buyers to this web site and our buyers web site, specifically looking for horse zoned properties.

It's fair for us to tell you this is not all of it. We add and subtract marketing methods all the time based on successes, growth and platforms closing, but it is diverse and will continue to be so. It's simply what we do. Please don't be offended if we ask what's going to happen to your horses, we care about them as well! Some buyers may also be interested in buying your horses.

Here's a recent luxury horse property sale in Barrington Hills and the testimonial we received:

Bow Lane Barrington Hills Equestrian Property Sold

Now you've seen what else can be done, are you really going to pick the typical Realtor or maybe consider the best Realtor in Barrington Hills?

Choosing The Best Realtor in Barrington Hills

There's more information in the original post which you can read here.


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