Exciting Trends in the Colorado Housing Market

Written by Posted On Monday, 27 April 2015 16:47

It is easy to understand why people flock to Colorado, considering the balance of mountains and nature with city life. Trendy and vibrant, the state is producing a housing market that is booming, creating many exciting trends. Here are three that are standing out. 

Supply and Demand

Overflow of inventory is not an issue in Colorado at the moment. In fact, the supply is low, creating a higher priced housing market across the state. With Colorado being a popular location for relocation, the demand has also increased. This has resulted in a quick turnover of homes, often at numbers above the original asking price.

Golf Course Living

This is one town where the age span of residents runs the gamut from young to old. The Boomers have settled here and are making their mark with the types of residential amenities they prefer. One of the most obvious trends is in the up rise in golf course communities. Colorado is quickly increasing in the number of golfing and residential combos. No longer do enthusiasts have to drive themselves to the local club to spend the day on the links; they can walk out their own back door and spend the day driving the ball to the green.


Colorado has been busy expanding the transit system, which is playing no small part in the urbanization being seen around the state. Residents are moving towards areas where they can easily walk to an array of businesses, restaurants and activities, with easy access to public transportation when they need to venture farther out. This trend of living in more densely populated communities has led to the building of new businesses and continual betterment of the transit system. Restaurants, arts districts and retail spaces are enjoying a boost in community based patronage.

The homes on the market are constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up. It is important to have an agent who grasps the ins and outs of the Colorado housing market to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.


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