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No one can argue with the fact that it has been a cold, snowy, closed-in sort of winter in the Northeast this year. So what prospective home buyer wants to tour a cold, sterile home? It’s the time of year when people are looking for warmth, coziness, a sense of “home” when they go house hunting. And here are a few personal touches and incentives that will make prospective buyers feel welcome and warm despite the unpleasant weather outdoors:

Offer some cookies. Nothing imparts a sense of home like a warm kitchen and the enticing aroma of baked goods. So fire up your oven and get some cookies baking to leave out for the next potential buyers who walk through the door. If you’re not known for your baking skills, slice-and-bake cookies are readily available at the grocery store. Just throw them on a cookie sheet and set your oven timer.


Entice the kids. Conventional wisdom suggests that all personal “extras,” from photographs to knick-knacks to toys should be stored away out of sight so that buyers can view your home as a clean canvas. But if you have children and your house is tailored toward families, leaving out a few simple toys or some crayons and coloring books in the kids’ bedrooms can make a visit to your home fun for kids – and easier on their parents. And your home will surely stand out as memorable.


Write a note. You know why you’ve loved your home. But buyers don’t. So consider leaving a personal note on the kitchen counter with reasons your home is so beloved. Include information about your neighborhood and town – the best restaurants, favorite coffee shops, the nearest gym, and even names of babysitters you’ve loved (be sure to ask the babysitters’ permission first!). And to drum up some excitement about what’s to come, don’t forget to list a few fun things to do nearby in the summertime.


Leave a takeaway. Buyers will be more likely to remember your home if you leave out photos of your house for them to carry with them. Consider leaving a picture of your home in a season other than which you’re selling it – a springtime shot if you’re selling in winter or a pretty photo with holiday lights if you’re selling in the summer.

Involve your neighbors. If you’re selling your home, rally the neighbors to speak positively of the neighborhood if they happen to see buyers stopping in for a showing. Never underestimate the desirability of good neighbors.


Put your knowledge to good use. If you happen to know anything about the prospective buyers who are looking at your home, try to cater to their tastes. If they’re sports buffs, leave a bit of sports equipment staged neatly in one of your rooms or the garage. For wine enthusiasts, stock your wine rack – borrow a few bottles if you need to. Although it’s a good idea to take your pets out of your house during showings, animal lovers who have pets of their own might be charmed by evidence that you do have a pet, as long as it’s clean and subtle.


As always, rooms that sparkle and good lighting make every showing more successful. Make sure to pick up clutter, empty trash, and ventilate with a little fresh air before showings so that your home will look its best. It won’t be long before the right buyer walks through your door.


Good luck!

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