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If you have just entered your new place and want to change the existing landscape design, then you really need to check out the LA Expo of design and development. Almost every other person loves to tend their gardens and trim their lawns. Landscape designing takes gardening to a different level, where proper planning and accurate designing helps you to achieve your heavenly garden.

Mythical Statues

Going through the LA Landscape expo one can found certain elements that are trending this season. If you ask me, then I will certainly suggest you to get hold of some interesting sculptures for your fountain area. Try asking for mythical characters or of characters from the deep blue sea. Buddha statues are always a bonus if you can get them in budget.

Uncommon Plants 

Try not to get the traditional trimmed nursery plants for your garden. This time, you can go for something uncommon and wild. There are many nurseries that happen to provide different species of nursery plants that are hard to find in a town area. However, it is necessary that you go through the internet and check for plants and nurseries that are to offer something out of the box.

Wooden Embellishments 

A sudden woody sculpture at the centre of your garden can change the whole look of the landscape. Try consulting your draftsman Sydney and also your architect and ask whether such an element can go with the landscape space you have. 

Strong Fibreglass Tubs

Fibreglass is another material that can turn out to be very handy in your garden space. Big and large fiberglass tubs can hold large plants and even trees at times. The best thing about them is that you can get them in different colors. They are hard and also come along with damage control warranty. 

Stone Chips and Pathway Tiles 

The Expo also displayed different types of stones and chips for landscaping and gardening. Stones in different colors and combinations can add charm to your garden space along with the surrounding greenery. You can decorate them around statues and fountain place. 

Another important part is choosing your pathways. Choice of pathway material depends on the overall design of your garden. There are different patterns of tiles and each one has a distinct personality. You can either go for beige colored vertical styled tiles or for grey embellished horizontal tiles. 

Right Furniture 

Another important aspect of designing your landscape is to make sure that they constitute the right arrangement of furniture items. You can always experiment with the choice of furniture pieces, but it is necessary that they suit your overall landscape idea and structure. 

A Good Architect

Now, try getting hold of a good designer who will be able to help you with the intricate details of your garden. An architect is essential when it comes to shuffling of the land and installation of fountains. Being architects and landscape specialist, they know where and how such installations can take place in the correct form.

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