Finding A Great Realtor - 11 Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent

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Finding A Great Realtor – 11 Questions You Should Ask Your Real Estate Agent

With over 2.5 million Realtors out there and approximately 5,300 in Sarasota and Manatee County alone, finding a great Realtor can  be daunting? Since selling your home is likely your most important financial transaction in your life, it is important that you interview potential candidates. It really boils down to three things that you want to find out during the interview: How well does the agent know the local market, current inventory and recent sales? How effectively will he represent you and your interests? Can the two of you work together, both practically and ethically? This is going to be a very intimate, long term relationship and you need to make sure your agent is the right fit.

Before you just hire anybody, be sure to ask potential candidates the following questions:

 1. How many years of experience do you have?

Experienced agents have been for five or more years selling real estate in your local market. Many seasoned agents specialize in certain areas or niches, such as luxury or water front. They may not be the right fit for a seller who is selling his or her starter home.

Anja & John Buetergerds of the Sarasota Suncoast Team at Keller Williams Realty Select have been holding their licenses for a combined 15 years. Anja earned her license in 2007 and John joined her in 2009. Why is that a benefit for you as their future client? They both got licensed during the recession while many seasoned agents quit and left the industry. Not only that, they also were able to study the business during these difficult times and learn everything that there is to know about pricing and different neighborhoods. Anja has priced well over 4,500 homes for banks over the years and has a better understanding of pricing a home than most agents. Anja and John have been all these years with Keller Williams Realty.

2. Do you hold any special accreditations?

All real estate agents in the state of Florida have to take a real estate and need to pass a state test in order to sell real estate. The class and test are challenging and not everybody passes it. Many of the real estate agents join the National Association of Realtors. They pledge to observe a strict code of ethics and continue their education to always be informed and knowledgeable. This goes well beyond what the state regulators require.

John and Anja are both Realtors. In addition to that, Anja Buetergerds holds her BPO Certification. Studying prices and neighborhood trendsgives her the ability to value properties at their current market value. John Buetergerds holds the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation. He specializes in marketing their listings online and having more buyers visit the home than just using traditional marketing efforts.

3. How many homes have you closed over the last 24 months?

The exceptional Lakewood Ranch real estate agent has a detailed market knowledge and is able to price homes correctly so that they will sell for top dollars. Most agents in our local market are working alone and as we all know, there are only so many hours in a day. Single agents often find themselves with left with too much work and too little time in the day. Hiring a team, such as the Sarasota Suncoast Team, is a benefit for buyers and sellers alike because one of the two is always going to be available and as a seller you get two specialists for the price of one.

The Sarasota Suncoast Team sold just under 40 homes with a mix of buyers and sellers. You are going to be in good hands when you are planning to sell your home as well as when you are looking to buy a home. They know the market well and have proven their experience over the years.

Selling your home - Finding a great Realtor - Sarasota Suncoast Team - Sarasota County real estate

4. How many homes did you sell in my neighborhood?

Real estate is incredibly local. It is important to choose a Realtor that is familiar with the local inventory (other homes that are currently on the market for sale, your competition) and also with recent sales (homes that are similar to yours and have sold in your neighborhood). A good agent should keep up with local market conditions, school ratings and demographic trends.

John and Anja specialize in residential real estate sales in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Venice and Bradenton. Anja has priced well over 4,500 homes over the last few years and is very familiar with neighborhoods as well as different price points.  They are happy to provide you with local market trends when you give us the neighborhood you live in. It is important to be an informed seller or buyer and the Sarasota Suncoast Team has the information you need.

5. How many days does it take you to sell the average home?

John and Anja Buetergerds sell their listings on average in 43 days. However, they have cases where they are able to obtain multiple offers for their clients and sell a home within only a couple of days. They also don’t shy away from contacting their buyers and sellers if they think they can match them up and create a win-win for everybody.

6. Will I be working with you directly or one of your team members?

Real estate teams are growing in popularity. The reason for that is that different people have different strength. The benefit for the consumer is that he or she will always work with a specialist. In addition, you can always rest assured that someone at that Sarasota Suncoast Team at Keller Williams Realty Select is available to take your call and answer questions. You essentially get two real estate agents for the price of one!

 John and Anja Buetergerds have different strengths and complement each other well and both are very involved in each real estate sale. They work well together and with their clients. Their goal is to make the transaction smooth for all sides involved.

7. Do you work full-time or part-time as a real estate agent?

There is more to selling a home than just placing a sign in the yard and listing the home for sale in the multiple listing service. Real estate is a full-time business and should be worked at  as a full-time agent.

The Sarasota Suncoast Team couldn’t agree more. Anja and John both work full-time and spend their morning hours connecting buyers and sellers: they make calls to all of their clients, door knock around their listing and talk to other agents about their listings. In the afternoons, they go on appointments and preview homes for their clients. Their clients goals are their goals and this requires a full-time commitment.

8. Do you own your own home?

Many real estate agents own their own home. This gives them personal experience of how the home buying and home selling process works. They can share this experience with their clients and help them prepare for the process.

John and Anja have bought and sold several homes in different states. Some of these homes were for investment purpose only, others have been their primary residence. They can attest to the fact how important it is to work with a professional that is familiar with the local market. They moved to the Suncoast in 2006 and own their home.

9. How will you market my home?

That is a very important question! You don’t want to end up with a few poor quality photos, a sign in the yard, and the home listed on the agent’s company website. In today’s day and age, proper marketing is key in getting a home sold quickly and for top dollars!

The Sarasota Suncoast Team understands that. Their photographer takes high resolution pictures that showcase your home in its best light on every desktop, tablet or smart phone. John’s Internet Marketing Specialist Designation is your key to successful online marketing: The team does everything from press releases, blog posts, classified ads, and video tours to get the word out about your house. Combine that with traditional marketing, such as door knocking around your listing, open houses, and calls to past and current clients, and you are well on your way to get your home sold. Don’t settle for anything less! You deserve a strong marketing campaign to receive the most money for your house.

Marketing your Lakewood Ranch home - Sarasota Suncoast Team - Lakewood Ranch real estate

10. How often will I hear from you?

The Sarasota Suncoast Team at Keller Williams Realty Select understands that you have a busy life. Our communication with you should fit your busy schedule. At the time you sign your listing agreement with us we will discuss what works best for your schedule and what your preferred method of communication.  We’d rather over communicate than have you call us with questions. We are here for you for the entire process!

11. Why should I hire you?

That is a very important question! Every agent can list, market and then sell your property. Just like everybody can run to the mailbox but cannot run a marathon! Well, we are the marathoners when it comes to marketing and selling your property. We strive to give excellent customer service throughout the entire selling process. We walk with you every step of the way.

Our combination of traditional and online marketing ensures that your house get the exposure that it deserves. We call daily to find buyers for our listings and study the market so that we are always on the cutting edge when there are changes on the horizon. This experience and knowledge in combination with our online exposure will translate into top dollars for you at the time of sale.

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