Crafting a Winning Offer

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Whether you've purchased a new home in the past or you're a first-time homebuyer, in this spring's seller's market, you're going to want to make the strongest offer possible if you find a house you love. A lot of people assume that an offer is primarily about money – specifically, who is willing to pay the most if it comes down to a bidding war – but there are some other features of an offer that can make yours stand out from the competition. Here are a few tips to help you make an offer that a seller can't refuse:


Don't lowball! Okay, this tip actually is about the money, but it's important to note. When there isn't a lot of inventory on the market, it's not the time to be cheap. Even if you don't think a house is worth its asking price, if there are multiple offers, a seller is unlikely to think twice before immediately tossing out a lowball offer.


Come to the table prepared. Nothing shows you're serious about buying like a mortgage pre-approval letter from your lender. A pre-approval is a strong indicator that you have the means to finance the home you wish to buy – and that there won't be any last-minute snags that could cause your loan, and therefore the sale, to fall through.


Partner with a pro. An experienced real estate agent is an unbeatable asset when you're considering making on offer on a home. Not only will he or she have industry knowledge that can help you make the most attractive offer, but agents network with other agents, and  he or she might just know a little about the particulars of the home in question that can give you an edge when you're drawing up an offer.


Show your creativity. As I mentioned earlier, an offer on a home isn't always about the money. If you can show that you are flexible and can work within the terms desired by the seller, that might make your offer stand out above the rest. Maybe you can waive some contingencies, such as a home inspection or the stipulation that you must sell your own home first. Of course, such contingencies can't be deal breakers for you. If you can't carry two mortgages while waiting for your home to sell or you have suspicions that there could be some hard-to-detect problems with the property, you'll want to protect yourself. But sometimes even something as seemingly minor as letting a seller set the timeline for the close of sale and move out date can make your offer more attractive.


Be prepared for a counteroffer. In some cases, a seller might like certain aspects of your offer, but have a few additional ideas in mind. By staying open to the possibility of a counteroffer, you'll keep yourself in the game even if your offer isn't immediately accepted.


Just as no two home sales are alike, no two offers are alike. Fortunately, your real estate agent has likely seen what works and what doesn't in circumstances similar to yours. He or she will have some valuable advice about how to go about obtaining the home of your dreams.


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