Open House Checklist: Important Considerations for the Master Bedroom

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 20 May 2015 10:32

For many couples, the master bedroom is the favorite part of their house. But many aren’t aware that it is also a major consideration for a potential buyer. After all, one-third of the day is spent in bed (and more on the weekends) so when you have an open house you want to make sure that the master bedroom is the kind of places that buyers would want to lay their heads down. Here is a master bedroom checklist that will help you get ready for your showing.


Make Your Bed: If you don’t want to make your bed when you get up, that’s fine. But if you are having an open house, you need to have a nice looking bed with all the right angles and corners.


Make Your Bed Look Better: Don’t just use your normal linens. Choose blankets, sheets, pillowcases, duvets and more that are going to accent the master bedroom. Fluff the pillows and consider talking to an interior designer for tips.


Create Seating: Maybe you don’t usually sit in your master bedroom and write sonnets or ponder the human condition, but make it look as if your bedroom is a place where that could happen with a seating vignette. A plush chair with lamp and a small table is perfect.


Use Neutral Paint Colors: You should probably stick with this tip throughout the entire house, but it is even more important in the master bedroom. You can add splashes of colors with your pillows and rugs.

Turn on the Fan: The ceiling fan revolving on slowest speed can often help your prospective buyers to relax. However, you should clean the blades to avoid throwing dust everywhere.


The Scent of Success is No Scent: Do not use air fresheners, perfumes, flowers or other strong smelling items. Instead, the room should smell clean and brand new. A diffuser can be used to create a nearly unnoticed scent.


Lighting is Important: You want your lights to be on so that all of the corners of the room are lit. The room will look larger and your guests won’t feel as if they have stepped into a dungeon. Use natural light whenever possible.


Get Rid of Clutter on Night Stands: Get rid of phone chargers, magazines, modern alarm clocks and other clutter. Put vases, old fashioned alarm clocks and a hardback book on there instead.


Clean the Room & Do the Laundry: The rule to follow here is no dust, no dirt and no laundry in the hamper.


Organize Your Closet: Your closet may be one of the most important selling factors. Clean off the top shelf, organize your clothing and make sure it is clean and spacious. Buddy Blake of RE/MAX Essential says that adding hanging racks, shelves or drawers and they will add value to your home. “The closet is a huge selling point,” Blake advises. “The better you can make it look, the more interested the buyer will be in the master bedroom.”


Less is More With Furniture: Too much furniture, or too large of furniture can make a room look crowded, which reduces its size. Get rid of bigger pieces temporarily or replace needed items with smaller ones for the period of the open house.


Choose the Right Art: Choose art that helps the buyer to relax, not bright, gaudy art that will make them do a double take. Let the focus be on the room. No personal pictures though.


Area Rugs Add Value: If you have a hardwood floor in your master bedroom, you should add an area rug to give the room another layer. The rug should come from under the bed, but should not create an island in the bedroom.


Hide Your Valuables: You might be proud of your collection and think that your room will look better with your best jewelry being displayed, but that feeling will fade quickly when it turns up missing. Remember, these are strangers that are traipsing through your house, and while most of them probably wouldn’t steal your engagement ring, you can’t be too careful.


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