Prep Your Home for Summertime

Written by Posted On Thursday, 21 May 2015 10:30

Finally, after a long winter, summer is right around the corner. And it's about time. Homeowners in the Northeast are likely tired of reading about the ravages of snowstorms and ice on their homes. As a pleasant change of pace, it's time to turn attention to summer home maintenance.

With the return of sunshine and warm weather, here are some pre-summer home issues to check on:

Air conditioning. Maybe it has seemed that it would never been warm outside again, but we all know how miserable heat and humidity can be. Whether you have central air conditioning or window units, making sure they are functional is a must before summer settles in. Check filters and if necessary, replace units or call a professional for servicing.

Gutters and drain spouts. All the sludge of winter can really clog gutters, and this winter's preponderance of ice dams might quite possibly have done some damage. Clean, repair, or replace gutters and spouts to avoid roof leaks during summer rainstorms.

Windows and doors. Guess what? It's finally time to swap out storm doors and windows for screens. If window screens were left to the elements this winter, make sure they are still intact before the mosquitoes and other pesky summer guests arrive.

Siding, foundation, and roof. Now that the snow has melted and we can actually see roof tiles, shingles, and the rest of the exterior of our homes, inspect everything for chips, cracks, holes, or other winter damage. If you find any areas of concern, make sure to schedule repairs as soon as possible. With such a rough winter, contractors are going to have a busy next few months shoring up damaged homes.

Spring cleaning. Nothing beats the feeling of doing away with dirt and grime, de-cluttering, and making your home really sparkle. Roll up your sleeves and get out your brooms, mops, and dust cloths. Rent a Dumpster. Or hire professional cleaners. However you decide to clean up your home, you'll enjoy it all the more during the sunny summer months.

Lawn equipment. It's time to gas up the lawnmower and dust off the weed whacker. If you have a green thumb, this is probably a glorious time of year for you. Getting outdoors, even for yard work, feels pretty good this year. Spend some time on your landscaping so that you can really enjoy your lawn, patio, and garden.

While these tasks are really just a list of chores, they're a welcome change from the drudgery of snow removal and chipping away at icy steps and walkways. A little elbow grease now will result in a fresh outlook for your home for this most welcome summer.


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