11 Creative Ideas to Spruce Up Small Front Yards

Written by Posted On Thursday, 21 May 2015 12:48

Trying to come up with ideas on how you can make the most out of your small front yard? Then we’ve got just the solution for you! We know that not everyone has posh lawns or acres upon acres of front yard, so our team did some research and came up with the following list of creative ideas to spruce up small front yards. Whether you live in the city or just someplace where every inch of real estate counts, you’ll surely find one of the following ideas to be perfect for you!

Create a Mini Front Patio


An ultra-small yard can look ultra-chic by turning it into a patio! Simple pave the yard with gravel and irregular stones to simulate that coveted patio-feel. Add a few potted blooms and you’re done!


Go for Masses of Blooms!


Don’t care for tiny potted plants? Then go huge with a row of hydrangeas or any other lush plant. Plant it right along the street and add a small faux white picket fence for that charming cottage-y feel.


Plant Small Trees


Semi-dwarf or dwarf trees adds a sense of depth and gives your small yard a focal point. Combine this with any of the other ideas in this blog and you’ll be wowed!


Contemporary Urban Square of Green


Living in an area where it’s all the concrete jungle out there? Have your own mini garden by planting your own square piece of greenery. Fill it with shrubs, perennials of various heights, and anything else you want. You’ll love sitting by your own little greenspace for sure!


Create a Flower-Lined Path


Who doesn’t love this quaint idea? No one! Emphasizing the entrance to your home by using a flower-lined path is an idea as old as the books of yore, but hey, it truly works!


Lay a Steppingstone Path


Very much the same as the flower-lined path, a steppingstone path adds warmth and hominess to a front yard. When done together with the other tips in this blog, a steppingstone path is your steppingstone to having the best small yard in your neighbourhood!


Street-Side Planter Boxes


In some areas, you have no choice but to utilise the tiniest space you can have; that is where having street-side planter boxes shine. Raised planter boxes can provide both privacy and some sort of fencing, especially if planted with tall plants and grasses.


Use Tall Grasses


Much like the street-side planter boxes, using tall grasses can give you more privacy and blocks the busy streets away without blocking in light. Go for lemongrass and you’ll enjoy its bug-fighting citrusy scent.


Stacked-Stone Wall


Going for the formal look or simply do not have much of a yard or lawn? Then stacked-stone walls might be the best option for you. Some trimmed hedges would take this idea to the next level as well.


Have a Street-Side Water Garden


Ever seen winding paths of pebbles or stone? Doesn’t it look like a small stream bed? That’s the idea in here! You can recreate a ‘stream’ by using gravel or small stones winding through your patch of greenery. It also has a very zen-like feel.


How About a Coastal Cottage Garden?


Live near the beach or just simply love it? Bring it to your small front yard by planting casual plants such as California poppy, sage, and lavender. Add in gravel or crushed shells and you’ll have your own beach-themed front yard in no time!


Brad Miller - The Goodale Miller Team

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