Getting From Contract To Closing

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Getting from contract to closing

Here are a couple of pointers that you should keep in mind when you are under contract to buy a home. This is probably the biggest purchase in your lifetime so make sure "little" things don't derail the deal!

1. Emotions can run high...

Buying a home is a big purchase for most people. The seller might be nitpicking the deal apart before you even come to an agreement. Or you may find yourself waking up with buyers remorse the day after getting an accepted offer. Both, sellers and buyers, have emotions running high during most real estate deals. If you come across something that just rubs you the wrong way, step aside, take a deep breath, and run the issue by your Realtor. Your Realtor is your neutral party and will stay calm during the storm. Sometimes all it takes is just a phone call and the situation is clarified. Don't let emotions ruin the purchase of your dream home!

2. The big stuff vs. the little stuff

Buyers hire a home inspector to find out if there are any big issues with the home that are not readily observable. You can certainly see if the linoleum is peeling in the corner. That is something you can fix once you own the home. In fact, you might just anger the seller if you ask for these type of repairs. You want to find out if there are plumbing, electrical, roof or air conditioning issues. These are the kind of things you want to have repaired by the seller.

3. Remember that we are all people

The Realtors, buyers, sellers, home inspectors, closing agents are all people. Everybody wants to talk to you and help you get through this purchase. Instead of letting issues fester, pick up the phone and call the respective party! Emails and text messages are a great way to communicate but if there are any issues coming up, picking up the phone or speaking to your Realtor in person is the better choice. We all know that the written word can be misunderstood and we don't want to have a misunderstanding hold you back from closing on your dream home!

Remember these 3 pointers when buying a home in Lakewood Ranch FL or anywhere else for that matter! Staying calm and communication are important aspects during the home purchase process. And always remember: Your Realtor is on your side and there to help you through any hurdle that might come up! They will help you getting from contract to closing!


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