12 steps to initiate a successful open house

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For many homeowners, an open house is considered a popular marketing strategy. When a seller registers his property with a licensed agent, he can request to organize an open house. If selling without involvement of a third-party or for instance via discount agent, owner would’ve to conduct an open house himself. Whether you or your agent is planning an open house, here’re a few tips to help make preparations and ensure success.

1. Before scheduling a date, determine the best day to instigate an open house that might vary from one community to another. Weekend is usually preferred that allow families to visit and assess a home conveniently. Newspaper and advertising agencies have a particular section dedicated to real estate so you can ask for their recommendation as well. If a friend, family or current neighbor has some experience in this, heed their advice.

2. Once settled over a date and day, place an ad over the internet as well as local newspaper. Social media sites are excellent medium to convey your message across the globe with a light speed that makes another choice.

3. You can even sent personal invitations over email or via traditional post. Start from your neighborhood, who knows your next door fellow would become an optimum buyer.

4. Since you’ll be having strangers looking at your home/property, it’s not safe for a person to be alone during the event. So call a friend, relative or agent (if you’ve registered with one) for assistance.

5. Put all valuable items such as electronics, jewelry, cash and everything in a locker for ultimate safety. Keep your senses attuned at all times during show-and-tell while don’t let any visitor wander alone. Remove all medicines, tools and any hazardous from spots where visitors might’ve access for safety of both. Weapons, gunpowder and other arsenal must be locked!

6. Design creative and appealing brochures using latest designing software. Include contact details and make sure flyers are in color. If you know someone expert in art and design, take help as long as it’s in your budget.

7. Record names and other valuable details of all guests arriving at your place. Make sure you have it on both paper and computer. If, for instance, you’re selling a property in Lebanon and expecting international buyers at open house, create a separate list. This isn’t about discrimination but for convenience and prioritizing!

8. Prepare a complete model of your property to brief all guests at open house. Apart from using the traditional techniques, 3D guided tour of your home is most enticing way to engage visitors. Include taxes, utility costs, plot map, neighborhood details and everything in your presentation.

9. For aesthetic appeal, display synthetic plants as guests might be allergic to specific flowers or pollen. The last thing you want is a visitor having asthma attack!

10. Arrange refreshments that include cookies, juices and other single bite items. Don’t overspend on food!

11. If you’ve pets, make sure they stay outside during the session. As for small children, hire a babysitter for a day or drop them over at grandma’s house!

12. Keep your home neat and tidy at all time. Wipe floor, windows, mirrors and walls with a damp cloth to remove possible stains and smudge.


Following the above steps guarantees a successful open house session. Good luck!

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