Is It Time for You to Move?

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The decision to move to a new home is not always a no-brainer. While it would seem that most homeowners should be able to recognize the tipping point at which it is no longer appealing – or viable – to stay in a house, it just isn't always that easy to make such a determination. Moving requires a lot of work. But it can also result in an improved quality of life.

Here are a few reasons to consider making a move to a new home:

You have enough money to do so. Obviously, this is The Biggie, and you really can't move without the property equity or savings (or both) to finance a new home. But if you've built up a nest egg since you've lived in your current home or you have a pretty good idea that you can sell for a lucrative price, you have overcome the first barrier to buying a new home.

You can qualify for a home loan. This variable isn't actually all that difficult to determine. By meeting with a lender to go over your financial picture and consider your loan options, you'll come away with a pretty sound idea of whether you will qualify for a mortgage loan on a new home. And if you're serious about doing so, consider obtaining a loan pre-approval letter that you can take along when you are home shopping.

You're running out of space. Maybe you're running out of bedrooms because of the addition of a new baby or an elderly parent into your family. Perhaps your closets are spilling over with collected belongings from over the years. It could be that you're now working from home or your hobbies take up a lot of room. Or maybe you're just feeling cramped as kids grow up and take up more space. Whatever the reason, if you're feeling penned in, a larger home could provide the breathing room your family needs in order to be happier.

Your house is old and needs a lot of upkeep. Let's face it. Older homes, while often charming and full of character, are also susceptible to the vagaries of aging appliances and systems as well as structural deterioration. If you're starting to feel like repairs and replacements are a never-ending process, you might be happier in a newer home in which such repairs are less frequent.

Your laundry list of projects is more than you can handle. Whether it's due to your budget or your skill level (let's face it, not everyone is a do-it-yourselfer), if you can't make your home the place you want it to be, maybe it's time to look for something more suitable. Instead of rebuilding the shed in the back yard or remodeling the bathroom, you could be better off shopping around for a home that doesn't require these upgrades to keep you happy.

You don't like the neighborhood (or the neighbors). Neighborhoods change over time as residents move out, new arrivals move in, school districts change, and crime rates fluctuate. If you have neighbors with whom you've had disagreements, you can become uncomfortable on your own street – or within your own yard! Nothing is worse than feeling unhappy in your own home, so consider making a change to a happier place.


Chances are that if you aren't content with your current house, you'll be happier somewhere else. Maybe it's as simple as moving a few streets away, or perhaps a move to a new community would provide a nice change of scenery. Whatever your reasons, it's a good idea to look into your options – you might be in for a pleasant surprise!

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