Building Strong Relationships with Your Referral Partners

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Top sales performers in all industries utilize referral networks for two main reasons.  First, they understand that introductions to best-in-class professionals within their industry will improve their client's experience and allow them to focus and excel at what they do best.  Second, the best way to strengthen and grow ones' business is to invest in the success of your strategic partners and there is no better way than through quality referrals.  


Referrals are the cornerstone of all businesses, but why are referrals so important in the real estate industry? 


When a client is guided from start to finish, customer satisfaction ratings skyrocket! 


Every aspect of the home buying experience can be daunting, but when you establish symbiotic partnerships with other industry professionals, you can ensure that your client's overall experience is outstanding. It is important to build strong relationships with trusted professionals in the real estate industry, professionals to whom you feel confident sending your clients.


What are the keys to creating strong relationships with referral partners?


Communication. Central to virtually every aspect of the industry, and crucial to maintaining happy customers, is communication. Consumers want to know what's going on. They want to be involved and feel that the entire team is working on their behalf, non-stop. 


Trust. Trust is built over time. The more you work with a partner, the more you can gauge your clients' satisfaction with that referral. While complete trust may take months, it can be earned immediately with client satisfaction and job performance


Reciprocity. You are referring your clients to other industry professionals, are they returning the favor? Will you receive introductions to other centers of influence? Will the person you refer to introduce you to someone who will become an ambassador for your company?


Accountability. Are your referral partners willing to be accountable for the business they provide? Your referral partners should own their piece of the process.


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