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Although it is true that a lot of things we own are not exactly necessities, we still opt to purchase them for various reasons. Some of the items we buy make our daily lives and jobs easier, some inspire us to be productive and creative, a lot of items are bought due to the inner peer pressure we feel in order to keep up with up to date gadgets. It is how the system of consumer culture works: we buy things that are either, helpful, have aesthetic value or make us look cool. The following list will contain a couple of items that share the traits mentioned above.

A Dishwashing Rack that Drains into the Sink

Truth be told, it is not one of those items we can’t live without, but it does look nice and it makes our lives easier. It has simple design and yet our sink countertop won’t be as messy as it used to be since all the water from the dishwashing rack will automatically go back into the sink.

Dining table and pool table built in one

If there is one thing both you and your friends will absolutely love, it is a dining/pool table. Pool table is actually hidden beneath of the dining table, and once you feel like playing pool with your friends or family, you simply remove the top board, as well as the chairs, so that you can start playing. It is an item with utility purpose and it has an option to provide you and your guests with some quality game time. Additionally, the table itself is very specious, meaning it can support a great number of people whenever you invite them over.

Ping pong table door

This is a great alternative to the before mentioned dining/pool table, if you like games that are a bit more energetic. Considering its basic design is that of a door, an item like this will not take up much space. When ping pong option of the door is to be used, one must simply flip the board, which is built into the door, take rackets, ball and start. The only flaw here is that whenever someone plays ping pong, the passage that connects the two rooms is unusable (a small price to pay when you really think about it).   

Remote control mop

Who said doing chores is boring? With gadget like this, you can clean whenever you are bored and it will be fun at the same time. Furthermore, your kids will probably use it non-stop, the only thing you need to worry about is having a spare pack of batteries for the remote. In addition to that, you will be able to clean spaces which are harder to reach by using only your hand.    

HVAC (heating ventilation air conditioning) system

It is hard to say whether HVAC system is a luxury or a necessity nowadays, since winters and summers tend to be unbearable. Having a system that can both heat, cool, ventilate, and maintain humidity levels in a room is clearly a very useful device. Moreover, HVAC can successfully reduce the number of allergies that are caused by substances that are spread through the air. It is one of those items that makes the stay at your home much more pleasant.

Collapsible shelf-stairs    

Basically, it is a very big shelf with a lot of compartments and drawers. Since it is so big, the bottom drawers can serve as stairs in order for you to reach the compartments that are on the very top of the shelf. It is indeed one of those solution for achieving great space efficiency, just make sure you find the right place for it since it can be really hard to move it around your home.

Tankless water heater  

Although it is more expensive than a regular water heater, it does not use as much electricity as a regular one. Also, the water heating process is much faster, and it doesn’t take as much space. On a long run, this is a far better solution due to the fact that its electricity use is lower.


DIY projects can bring fun and original items into your home and are a perfect way to personalize your space. Creating items from moulds is not that complicated if you spend some time researching the subject and it is a fairly straightforward process if you can use release agents properly. It takes some effort and a bit of your time but it is quite satisfying and can turn into a hobby that makes money - many have. Hope you enjoyed this article, see you next time.

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