Global Economic Crisis Make You To Borrow Money

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 16 June 2015 03:16

In the midst of a major economic crisis globally, many people facing financial problems. The accumulated debts and accounts payable generated enormous stress, and the only solution is to borrow. But we do not always meet the conditions to approach a bank, so our close friends often become a viable option. It is normal to think that the situation can become uncomfortable and we do not know where to start, so in here are some tips to find out how to borrow money from a friend.


· The first thing to consider is to borrow money from a friend to be something casual or a unique event possible. Ie it can not become a habit because eventually end up more and generating an uncomfortable situation between you and your friends. If you decided to take the plunge, then it is best to follow some of the recommendations we provide you below

· Make a budget to determine how much you need money, this form will ask you required to settle your debts minimizing the possibility of having to go to a friend to ask for more money again. This is honest and realistic way. You have a priority list of financial obligations you have pending order canceling first major. You can also check for financial organization like Laane penger på internet for borrowing money.

· It is very important that when you borrow money from a friend to do it in personThe phone or emails are completely impersonal way to treat such a sensitive topic. Stay somewhere for a coffee so that, face to face, can you explain your situation

· It is important to explain to your friend why you need a loan and must cancel debts, but without making him feel sorry for your situation. This feeling will not make the situation easier, contrary will upset them. Showcase your points but honestly minimizing dramas

· One thing that may worry when a person makes a loan is that you never get your money back. To prevent this from happening and to demonstrate your commitment to pay, tell him about contract, bearing that has been given you the money, the amount and the deadline for returning both agree. This, once your friend go, must be signed and notarized by both a copy for each

· It is very important to understand that it is possible that your friend can not realize the loan, so it is necessary to have another plan to get the money. Not worth bothering our friend or resent this situation, you must remember that everyone has their own problems and maybe it's not a good situation for him


·  If your friend lends you the money you need to be grateful to him. The best way to do that is paying the agreed time, if possible before. Not return the money would not only be a kind of theft but also become something completely unfair, do not forget that it's finally paying you help when you need it most

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