North Atlanta Home Inspections & Other Contingencies

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North Atlanta Home Inspections & Other Contingencies

Typically there are 30 to 45 days between contract ratification and the closing. During this period we will address our open “contingencies.”

Very shortly after the contract is ratified (usually within two to five days) we will schedule the home inspection during a time you can attend. It will take between two and four hours, depending on the property. If you do not have a home inspector in mind, we are happy to recommend some excellent ones. Turnaround times are critical during this phase — often we have just a day or two to respond in writing to the seller with our requested repairs or response. You pay for inspections at the time of the inspection. You might also request a radon test. You can learn more about radon at

Your lender will require an appraisal to ensure the property is of sufficient value to act as collateral for your loan. The bank will schedule this but you will need to pay for it up front.

If you’re buying in a condo community or a community with a homeowner’s association, you will receive the “resale package,” usually within a week or so of ratification. From the time of receipt, you will have three days to review this package, which contains the association’s rules, regulations, budget, and other information. ***You can void the contract for any reason within this 3 day review period.***

You will have seven calendar days following ratification to make sure the property is insurable. You can obtain insurance from any carrier you wish. I usually recommend starting with your auto insurer to see whether you are eligible for any multi-policy discounts. (This is also an excellent time to consider life insurance.)

The settlement company will perform a detailed title examination to ensure there are no liens on the property or defects in title that would affect your ownership. If you do not have a settlement company in mind, we can recommend some excellent ones.

If you are purchasing a resale property, we highly recommend that you have a professional home inspector conduct a thorough inspection.

The inspection will include the following:
- Appliances
- Plumbing
- Electrical
- Air Conditioning and Heating
- Ventilation
- Roof and Attic
- Foundation
- General Structure

The inspection is not designed to criticize every minor problem or defect in the home. It is intended to report on major damage or serious problems that require repair. Should serious problems be indicated, the inspector will recommend that a structural engineer or other professional inspect it as well. Your home cannot “pass” or “fail” an inspection, and your inspector will not tell you whether he or she thinks the home is worth the money you are offering.

The inspector’s job is to make you aware of repairs that are recommended or necessary.
The seller may be willing to negotiate completion of repairs or offer a credit for completion of repairs, or you may decide that the home will take too much work and money. A professional inspection will help you make a clear-headed decision. In addition to the overall inspection, you may wish to have separate tests conducted for termites or the presence of radon gas.

In choosing a home inspector, consider one that has been certified by a trade association as a qualified and experienced member.

I recommend being present at the inspection. This is to your advantage. You will be able to clearly understand the inspection report, and know exactly which areas need attention. Plus, you can get answers to many questions, tips for maintenance, and a lot of general information that will help you once you move into your new home. Most important, you will see the home through the eyes of an objective third party.

For information on North Atlanta Home Inspections & Other Contingencies and a list of our Recommended Home Inspectors contact:

The Mary Ellen Vanaken Team of Keller Williams Realty North Atlanta.
5780 Windward Parkway, Suite 100
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005

North Atlanta Home Inspections & Other Contingencies

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