10 Amazing Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Sizzle!

Written by Posted On Friday, 19 June 2015 09:43

Last month, we’ve talked about the top 10 amazing ideas for outdoor rooms and this month, we’ll let you in to the secrets to making your outdoor kitchen rock. From just a simple change to a drastic makeover, we’ve got these delicious ideas just waiting to be brought to life by you!

Get a Full-size Fridge

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If you love entertaining outdoors or simply enjoys cooking a lot outside during the summer months, adding a full-size fridge or freezer to your outdoor kitchen will make things a lot more convenient. It will also clear up space in your regular fridge. It’s a win!

Use Coordinated Pops of Color

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Wake up your not so bright outdoor kitchen by adding color coordinated accents to key areas such as the outdoor seating, grills, and deck or patio plus utensils like dishes and glasses. It’s a no frills technique to make everything look seamless and blended as well.

Put on a Kitchen Bar

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Just because most outdoor kitchens are temporary does not mean you can’t make them classy! Add bar seats next to your grill and you’ll not only save up some space, you’ll make guests and family feel more welcome too!

Cover the Cooking Area


A roof over the cooking area means you can continue grilling rain or shine! It’s a blessing when its too hot out and you can also hang string lights on it for a summery and cute lighting accent.

Or Go for a Pergola


Not into roofing? Then try a pergola over the grill! Not only does it add architectural interest to an otherwise common-looking outdoor space, it also transforms it to a great focal point.

Veggie-Cookie Mash-Up


Get cooking in your garden! If you love local produce, organic veggies, and growing your own food, this is a must! Opt for a brick surround which matches up with the background in your garden and you’ll be set!

Make It Flow


Don’t forget to make your outside style match your inside style. Same detailing or same colour scheme works well. You can also build your outdoor kitchen as an extension of your indoor one. That will make things easy when you’re cooking and transporting items in and out of your two kitchens.

Don’t Forget the Details!


How about some music and mood lighting? Or better yet, night lighting? Small details counts, especially when you’re entertaining.

Modern is In


A modern minimalist design in concrete and rich wood is perfect for an urban setting. You can add in a brick oven as well, especially if you love pizza!

Double Things Up!


Don’t hesitate to splurge on some things. If you love to grill, then invest in two grills. If you’re a serious entertainer, double up your storage space and counter space. Things like this makes a difference in the long run, it will make your life so much easier too!

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